Academic Program Listings Alphabetical

Academic Programs – Alphabetical Listing

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A.A. Degree (Honors Program)Brainerd
A.A. Degree (Transfer)Brainerd / Online
Accountant A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Accountant DiplomaBrainerd
Advanced Farm Business Management CertificateStaples
Agricultural Commodities Marketing CertificateStaples
Agricultural Science A.S. DegreeBrainerd / Staples / Online
Applications in Farm Business Management CertificateStaples
Art Transfer Pathway A.F.A. DegreeBrainerd
Automation Technologies CertificateStaples
Automotive Technology A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Automotive Technology DiplomaBrainerd
Biology Transfer Pathway A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Bookkeeping CertificateBrainerd
Business Assistant CertificateBrainerd
Business Management A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Chemistry Transfer Pathway A.S. DegreeBrainerd
CNC Technologies A.A.S. DegreeStaples
CNC Technologies DiplomaStaples
Computer Information Technology A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd / Online
Computer Information Technology DiplomaBrainerd
Computer Network Administration A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Computer Network Administration DiplomaBrainerd
Computer Support Specialist DiplomaBrainerd
Criminal Justice A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Criminal Justice Certificate (Advanced)Brainerd
Culinary Arts CertificateStaples
Current Issues in Farm Business Management CertificateStaples
Deaf Studies CertificateBrainerd
Dental Assistant DiplomaBrainerd
Dental Assisting A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Diesel Equipment Technician A.A.S. DegreeStaples
Diesel Equipment Technician DiplomaStaples
Early Childhood Education A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Early Childhood Education DiplomaBrainerd
Early Childhood Education Transfer Pathway A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Economics Transfer Pathway A.A. DegreeBrainerd
Enology A.A.S. DegreeOnline
Enology DiplomaOnline
Entrepreneurship CertificateBrainerd
Environmental Studies CertificateBrainerd
Essentials of Farm Business Management CertificateStaples
Exercise Science Transfer Pathway A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Global Studies CertificateBrainerd
Graphic Design A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Graphic Design DiplomaBrainerd
Graphic Design Media Technologies DiplomaBrainerd
Health Sciences Broad Field A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Healthcare Accounting A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Healthcare Administrative Specialist A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Healthcare Administration Specialist CertificateBrainerd
Healthcare Administrative Specialist DiplomaBrainerd
Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance DiplomaStaples
Horticulture A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Individualized Studies A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Individualized Studies DiplomaBrainerd
Latin American Studies CertificateBrainerd
Law Enforcement Skills CertificateBrainerd
Lawn and Garden Technician CertificateBrainerd
Machine Operations DiplomaStaples
Machine Technology CertificateStaples
Marine and Powersports Technology A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Marine and Powersports Technology DiplomaBrainerd
Mechatronics DiplomaStaples
Medical Assistant A.A.S. DegreeStaples
Medical Assistant DiplomaStaples
Microsoft Office Professional CertificateBrainerd
Music A.F.A DegreeBrainerd
Natural Resource Law Enforcement A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Natural Resources Technology A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Nursing A.S. Degree (Advanced Standing)Brainerd / Staples
Nursing A.S. Degree (Traditional)Brainerd / Staples
Occupational Skills DiplomaBrainerd
Phlebotomy Technician CertificateStaples
Practical Nursing DiplomaStaples
Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Production Technologies CertificateStaples
Psychology Transfer Pathway A.A. DegreeBrainerd
Robotic Human Machine Interface Advanced CertificateStaples
Robotic Manufacturing CertificateStaples
Robotic Offline Programming Advanced CertificateStaples
Robotic Vision Advanced CertificateStaples
Robotic Welding Advanced CertificateStaples
Robotic Welding CertificateStaples
Robotics/Automated Systems Technology A.A.S. DegreeStaples
Robotics/Automated Systems Technology DiplomaStaples
Small Outboard Motor Technician DiplomaBrainerd
Sociology Transfer Pathway A.A. DegreeBrainerd
Spanish Transfer Pathway A.A. DegreeBrainerd
Specialty Crops Management DiplomaStaples
Sustainable Greenhouse Production DiplomaBrainerd
Sustainable Landscaping DiplomaBrainerd
Sustainable Local Food CertificateBrainerd
Videography Production A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Videography Production DiplomaBrainerd
Viticulture A.A.S. DegreeOnline
Viticulture DiplomaOnline
Welding and Fabrication A.A.S. DegreeBrainerd
Welding and Fabrication DiplomaBrainerd
Wildlife Tourism CertificateBrainerd
Women’s Studies CertificateBrainerd
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