Music Technology A.F.A. Degree

Music Technology A.F.A. Degree

Career Description

Students will be able to pursue careers in Music Technology, Music Industry/Business/Media/Production, Music Education, Music Liturgy, Music Performance, and other careers, as well minor in music.

Program Information

This Associate of Fine Arts Music Technology Degree endows students a foundation of music technology, live sound, digital audio production, music theory, large and chamber ensembles experience, applied lessons, and class piano for achieving transfer and success at an upper level academic institution in the field of music technology.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:


  • Use digital audio workstations, audio interfaces, and MIDI controllers to produce, record, edit, and mix music;
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of microphones, mixers, and live sound setups used to perform or record music;
  • Demonstrate artistry, technical ability, improvisation skills, and knowledge of repertoire represented through the concentrated study of a ***Primary Instrument/Voice;
  • Participate effectively as part of a large and chamber performance ensemble on your primary instrument/voice;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of music theory and notation;
  • Demonstrate facility in ear training and sight-singing skills;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in keyboard skills; and
  • Be prepared to transfer to and succeed at an upper-level academic institution in the field of music technology.

Special Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the following conditions in order to graduate:

  1. College Cumulative GPA Requirement: cumulative grade point average (GPA) of credits attempted and completed at CLC must be at least 2.0;
  2. Residency Requirement: students must complete 25% of their credits at Central Lakes College.

Transfer Opportunities

The Music Department at Central Lakes College is currently in the process of forming an articulation agreement with Bemidji State University for this Music Technology AFA.

Employment Statistics

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Program Course Requirements

Required Discipline Courses (35-37 credits)

For all Primary Instruments/Voice***, take each of the following:
MUSC 1459 Musicology (Goal 6), 3 cr
MUSC 1460 Intro to Music Notation Technology (Goal 6), 2 cr
MUSC 2413 Music Production: Intro to Pro Tools (Goal 6), 3 cr
MUSC 2414 Advanced Audio Production (Goal 6), 3 cr
MUSC 2511* Music Theory and Musicianship I Aural, 2 cr
MUSC 2512* Music Theory and Musicianship I Written, 3 cr
MUSC 2518* Piano Fundamentals/Proficiency, 1 cr
MUSC 2594* Music Theory and Musicianship II Aural, 2 cr
MUSC 2595* Music Theory and Musicianship II Written, 3 cr
VPRO 1160 Live Sound and Field Recording, 3 cr

Four Semesters are required for each of A, B, & C:
A. MUSC 1560 Performance Laboratory, 0 cr
B. Using the Concentration Guide, choose Lessons (Goal 6), Total of 4 cr
MUSC 1441 Applied Music Lessons – Guitar OR
MUSC 1464 Applied Music Lessons – Brass OR
MUSC 1468 Applied Music Lessons – Strings OR
MUSC 1475 Applied Music Lessons – Woodwind OR
MUSC 1477 Applied Music Lessons – Bass Guitar OR
MUSC 1481 Applied Music Lessons – Piano OR
MUSC 1485 Applied Music Lessons – Percussion OR
MUSC 1491 Applied Music Lessons – Voice
C. Using the Concentration Guide, choose one major performance ensemble (Goal 6), Total of 4 cr
MUSC 1407 Raider Concert Winds OR
MUSC 1420 String Orchestra OR
MUSC 1431 CLC Choir

Two Semesters are required for each of D & E:
D. Using the Concentration Guide, choose one minor ensemble (Goal 6), Total of 2 cr
MUSC 1404 Raider Jazz Collective OR
MUSC 1405 Central Lakes Jazz Orchestra OR
MUSC 1408 Central Lakes Wind Symphony OR
MUSC 1421 Chamber Singers
E. Using the Concentration Guide, choose one chamber ensemble (Goal 6), Total of 0-2 cr
MUSC 1415 Brass Ensemble OR
MUSC 1418 Woodwind Ensemble OR
MUSC 1419 Percussion Ensemble

Required MnTC Courses
COMM 2420 Intercultural Communication (Goals 1,7) OR
COMM 2422*Honors Intercultural Comm (Goals 1,7), 3 cr
ENGL 1410 Composition I (Goal 1) OR
ENGL 1420*Honors Composition I (Goal 1), 4 cr
ENGL 1411* Composition II (Goal 1) OR
ENGL 1421*Honors Composition II (Goal 1, 9), 4 cr
Goal 4 course, 3-4 crSelect additional Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses to total 60 credits in six goal areas **,9 cr

*Denotes Prerequisites
**Students must complete 6 of the 10 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum goal areas in order to graduate.
***Primary Instrument/Voice
 will be declared to the faculty and recorded during the first semester of study.


Students must complete applied lessons on their primary instrument for four semesters. (Note these courses are repeatable). Applied lessons on a secondary instrument are supported/encouraged but not required or allowed to be substituted.

Students must complete four semesters with a major ensemble and two semesters for both chamber and minor ensembles. (Note these courses are repeatable). Any ensemble with a secondary instrument is supported/encouraged but not required or allowed to be substituted.

Program Instructors

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