Student Forms

Student Forms

The Student Forms page is a directory of forms used by students. Some of the forms are electronic and some are downloadable. Select the department heading above the form to go to the department page to learn more about the form.

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Admission Application, Admissions Appeal, Immunization Record, International Student Application, Special Student Request Form, Program Change Form

Financial Aid
Authorization for the Release of Student Information, Dependent Household Size and # in College Verification Worksheet, Independent Household Size and # in College Verification Worksheet, Max-Time Frame Appeal Form, Parent Non-Tax Filers Verification Worksheet, Post-Secondary Child Care Grant Application, Student Non-Tax Filers Verification Worksheet, Consortium Agreement, 4506-T IRS form

Private Scholarships

Records & Registration
Academic Forgiveness Petition, Application for Graduation, Authorization for the Release of Student Information, Course Substitution, Credit for Prior Learning Evaluation Request, eTranscript Request Form, Grade Appeal, Non-Disclosure of Public Information, Personal Information Change, Preferred Name Request, Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal, Senior Citizen Registration Form, Official Transcript Request, Waiver of Graduation Requirement, Withdrawing from Courses, Transfer Review and Transfer Appeal,

Supportive Services
Brainerd Accommodations Request Form, Brainerd Alternative Testing Form, Accessibility Services Application for Services, Staples Accommodations Request Form, Staples Alternative Testing Form

Campus Security
Parking Violations Appeal Form, Incident Request Form, Campus Security Student Employment

Athletic Forms
Prospective Student Athletes, Waiver of Liability, Health History, Physicians Certificate

Student Complaint Process
Student Complaint Process
Grade Appeal (pdf)
Suspension Appeal
Non-Disclosure/Release of Directory/Public Information (Electronic)
Authorization for Release of Information
Discrimination/Harassment (pdf)

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