Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

Academic year Forms: Your “Aid Application Status” in your E-Services account will detail the form(s) required to complete your CLC Financial Aid file. Be sure to select the correct year and form. Less than 50% of CLC students will have required additional form(s).

2023-2024 Financial Aid Forms: – Watch your email for communication from the CLC Financial Aid Office referring you to your E-Services account.

2024-2045 Financial Aid Forms: – Will be available early February/March 2024

IRS Data Retrieval Tool: This process allows student and/or parent to download Federal tax return data into your FAFSA directly from the IRS.

IRS Tax Return Transcript OR IRS Record of Account: Instructions for requesting a transcript of student and/or parent Federal tax return to be used by CLC for the verification process.
IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process

Verification of Non-Filing Status: In your E-services if your “Aid Application Status” letter requires verification of non-filing status click on this link for instructions

Please Note: For your privacy, CLC’s Financial Aid Office will shred any documentation or form received in our office that is not required for your file at that time.

** NEW! Upload any outside or printed forms here: Financial Aid Document Uploader

Other General Forms or Applications

Authorization for Release of Information Form: Federal Regulations do not allow CLC to talk to anyone about your financial aid information unless you have signed a release giving CLC permission. This form will allow you to give CLC that permission.

Consortium Agreement: Allows a student to receive aid from one college while counting the credits at each college to determine the credit level at which to pay financial aid. A CLC Consortium should be completed if you are receiving financial aid from CLC, enrolled in a CLC program and would like to take credits at another college while you are taking credits at CLC. Each term requires a new consortium. You are responsible to pay tuition at each college whether or not you complete a consortium. Please follow one of the two following situations:

CLC and another MINNSTATE college: Use this link to a dynamic forms consortium if the other college you are attending is a MINNSTATE college. A list of all MNSCU colleges is included in the dynamic forms consortium you can complete online.
CLC and MINNSTATE consortium

CLC and a Non-MINNSTATE college: Please contact the CLC Financial Aid Office staff Brant Phillips at to have the correct consortium form emailed to you.

Max-Time Frame Appeal Form: May need to be completed if you have been enrolled for more than two years of education at CLC.
Max-Time Frame Appeal Form

Postsecondary Child Care Grant Application and Waiting List: You may be eligible for a grant to help pay child care expenses while you are a student at CLC. Click here to find the details!

Special Circumstances Appeal Form: Please use this to inform the financial aid office of any changes that may have taken place to income, family situation or extraordinary out of pocket costs since completing your FAFSA. Special Circumstances Appeal Form To be used for 2023-2024. Change coming for 2024-2025.

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