Official Award Letter

Official “Award Notification”

  1. Your “Award Notification” is viewable online in your E-Services under “Student Quicklinks”.
    An email (check your junk mail) will be sent to you when your notification is ready.
    The notification signifies that your financial aid file is complete. Required forms, documents and/or corrections are complete. Your awards have been packaged for fall and/or spring semester. If you are going to be enrolled for summer there will be a separate award notification towards the end of spring semester.
    The notification may not be available until mid-June for the upcoming fall.
    Review your notification in E-Services. READ the information carefully and completely.
  2. Awards are calculated based on the Cost of Attendance (COA) and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    The yearly (Fall and Spring semesters) COA is used.
    Different aid types are based on your completed FAFSA.
    Use this “Net Price Calculator” to get an estimate of grant aid that may be available.
    The COA is a combination of different college related expenses and living expenses.
    School year               2020-21     2021-22       2022-2023
    Tuition/Fees                $5,757       $6,011         $6139
    Books/Supplies           $1,000       $1,000         $1000
    Room/Board               $5,670       $5,670         $6170
    Transportation           $4,400        $4,400         $4400
    Personal/Misc.           $2,173        $1,919         $2291
    Total                           $19,000     $19,000        $20,000
    The award notification will be the initial source of information to help in determining your aid eligibility according to the number of your enrolled credits per semester.
    Receiving scholarships or third party funding from any outside agency may affect your awards. Use the “Award Notification” to inform CLC of your scholarship awards.  At the time the CLC Financial Aid Office becomes aware of your other funding any required changes to your awards will be made to keep your aid within the COA.
  3. The “Award Notification” gives you the opportunity to accept or decline some of your awards.
    Federal PELL, Federal SEOG and/or Minnesota State Grant (MSG) are accepted automatically and will apply to your tuition account. These are entitlements and do not have to be paid back.
    Work study requires acceptance and additional paperwork prior to working. Refer to “Work Study” on the left.
    First time Federal Direct Loan borrowers have to complete both a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Loan Entrance counseling at   Students are not required to apply for any loan and can apply for any amount up to the maximum student loan amount awarded.  Loans have to be repaid. For additional information, click on “Student Loans” from the financial aid module in e-services.  Also, if you will be enrolled for summer, you may have to decide to save some of your loan eligibility.  Please use the information on the “Student Loans” page to understand what your full academic year eligibility is.
  4. Additional things to know once you have your “Award Notification”.
    June 1st is the priority consideration deadline for campus based aid such as Federal SEOG and work study.
    Files are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis.
    Students must be accepted for admission into an aid eligible program and be enrolled at Central Lakes College to be eligible to receive financial aid.
  5. Financial aid will first apply to the amount you owe CLC and any remainder is then disbursed to you.
    Aid Disbursement to you will take place on the 12th day or later of each semester. How it is disbursed to you depends on your activation of your CLC PLUS card, which is also your student ID card.
    For each term there are specific disbursement dates.  Refer to “Important Dates” on the left.
  6. Special Circumstances: Financial aid staff are allowed to use professional judgment on a FAFSA. If you have had changes to your income or family situation since completing your FAFSA a “Special Circumstances Appeal” is available on the “Financial Aid Forms” page on the left-hand menu. Be sure to submit all requested documentation.
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