Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Below are forms available in electronic and/or PDF format. Please know that certain forms are only available from the Welcome Center at each campus.

Academic Forgiveness Petition (Electronic)
Students who have been away from Central Lakes College for at least two years are given a one-time opportunity to seek Academic Forgiveness of previous unsatisfactory academic coursework at Central Lakes College. This student-initiated process allows unsatisfactory grades (D’s and F’s) in previous courses to be forgiven to establish a new grade point average (GPA). See the Central Lakes College Academic Forgiveness policy for more details.

Application for Graduation (Electronic)
Students: Please complete the Application for Graduation before the start of the last term you plan to attend.

Once we process your graduation application, you will receive one of these emails:

–  Confirmation that all graduation requirements have been met for your program OR
–  Notification of course(s) or other items needed to meet the graduation requirements for your program.

Authorization for the Release of Student Information (Electronic)
Authorization for the Release of Student Information (pdf)
Students complete this form to authorize Central Lakes College to release private student data to a designated individual or third party. This authorization is in effect for one year.

Course Substitution
If you are pursuing the option to request an alternative course be substituted for a course required to graduate, please contact your advisor.

Credit for Prior Learning Evaluation Request (pdf)
Students who wish to have previous learning experiences evaluated for credit should visit with their instructor regarding test-outs, projects, or other documented competencies which may allow the instructor to provide credit for these learning experiences.

eTranscript Request Form (Electronic)
Request CLC to evaluate credits completed at another MinnState College or University for transfer to CLC.

Grade Appeal (pdf)
Students who wish to contest a grade may complete the Grade Appeal Form if discussions with the instructor did not resolve the matter.

Non-Disclosure/Release of Directory/Public Information (Electronic)
Non-Disclosure/Release of Directory/Public Information (pdf)
Students complete this form to request that Central Lakes College refrain from sharing directory/public information with third parties. This authorization is good until revoked by the student using this same form.

Personal Information Change Form (Electronic)
Students use this form to change their legal name, add or correct their Social Security Number, and add or correct their birthdate.
Students are able to change their mailing address, personal email address, and phone number in E-Services under “Account Management.” Note that email addresses are found under “Demographic Info.”

Preferred Name Request (Electronic)
Students are able to add a preferred name in E-Services under “Account Management” and then “Name and Address Info.”

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (Electronic)
Students who are placed on Academic Suspension must complete this form to be reinstated at Central Lakes College.

Senior Citizen Registration Form (pdf)
Individuals who are 62 years or older are able to register for courses at Central Lakes College at a reduced rate.

Official Transcript Electronic Transmission Request (Electronic) 
Complete this form to request a transcript to be sent to the destination of your choice. This service is provided by the National Student Clearinghouse.

Waiver of Graduation Requirement
If you are pursuing the option to request a course or requirement for graduation be waived, please contact your advisor.

Withdrawing from Courses
Students withdraw from courses using E-Services. Once logged in, students select “Courses & Registration” and then “View/Modify Schedule” to select the course(s) from which to withdraw. Students confirm the action by entering their StarID password.

In compliance with Minnesota State Procedure 3.34.1, the official course withdrawal date is when eighty percent (80%) of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. For courses not on a standard academic semester schedule, the final date for official course withdrawal is the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the instructional days for the course have elapsed. The last day to withdraw is noted on the online course schedule.

Withdrawing from a course results in a “W” grade for the course. While withdrawing does not impact the grade point average (GPA), it does decrease the completion rate. Students must complete 66.67% of all credits attempted at CLC to remain in good academic standing for academic and financial aid purposes.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor before deciding to withdraw from a course(s). No refunds are given for withdrawing from individual courses and there may be financial aid considerations as well.

Students with documented extenuating circumstances may appeal to withdraw after the deadline. Please meet with your advisor first.

Transfer Review and Transfer Appeal
Students not satisfied with Central Lakes College’s transfer decisions may request an additional review and/or appeal through E-Services. Students submit additional documentation such as course syllabi, course outlines, course descriptions, etc. through E-Services.

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