Zero or Low Textbook Cost Classes at CLC

Central Lakes College offers a Z-Degree Associate of Arts (AA).  A Z-Degree is a zero-textbook-cost degree. This means that a student can earn an AA using free Open Educational Resources (OER) instead of buying textbooks. Any CLC student can take Z-Degree classes as available.

oer logoWhat are Open Education Resources?

OER are teaching and learning materials that you may use without charge. You can access them digitally or in printed form.

Printing OER

If your course uses an OER or no-cost text and you wish to have a print copy, go to the CLC Bookstore. You will pay for the printing and receive a receipt with a bar code on it. (Printing can be covered by financial aid funds.)

Take the receipt with the bar code to the Print Shop (located near the CLC Library) to confirm your purchase and arrange to pick up your printed materials.

Class Supplies

There may be a charge for class supplies such as a notebook, clay, yoga mat or tools.

Register for a Z-Degree classes Inside e-services, click on Courses and Registration. When you Search for a Course, click on Expand/Collapse for Advance Search. Under this tab, you will see an option to search for Textbook Cost. Select No Cost for Textbook to search for courses with a zero-textbook cost.

Zero-Textbook-Cost Course List

2023-24 Zero and Low Textbook Cost Courses (pdf)

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