Admissions Forms

Admissions Forms

visit-collegeAdmissions Application:
CLC Application (pdf)
CLC Application (electronic)

Immunization Form:
Minnesota Law requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in a public school must submit immunization records.
Immunization Record (pdf)
Immunization Record (electronic)

GED Transcript Request Form
Students who have completed their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) should complete this form so CLC can receive proof of their completion.
GED Transcript Request Form (pdf)

Program Change Form:
To add or remove a major/program, complete the following form
Program Change Form (pdf)
Program Change Form (electronic)

Special Student Request Form:
For Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) student and want to register for summer courses.
Special Student Request Form (pdf)

Admissions Appeal:
Students who do not meet Central Lakes College’s standards for Admission

  • PSEO student who does not meet Central Lakes College’s minimum High School GPA
  • Transfer into Central Lakes College who are currently on suspension at another Minnesota State Institution.
  • Transfer into Central Lakes College who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons at another institution.
  • Visiting students who have been denied admission or enrollment as a visiting student. (Appeals related to the denial of admission or enrollment because the student has an existing financial hold will not be accepted.)
  • Students who have an active suspension at Central Lakes College and who are not currently admitted to a program
    Admission Appeal
    CIS Appeal for Admissions
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