New Student Orientation Day

Welcome New Students!

Central Lakes College has two events specifically for new fall 2024 students!  “All Set For Fall” and “New Student Orientation Day” are meant to welcome new students and ready them for academic and personal success. We strongly recommend attending both events. See sign up links below. Once you sign up, you’ll receive updates and information preceding each event. We look forward to seeing you there!

All Set For Fall on July 18

All Set For Fall provides new students the opportunity to check in with CLC staff, faculty, students and many campus resources and supports. You’ll be able to attend helpful student success sessions, ask questions related to your course schedule, financial aid, tuition, and book store purchases. Music, snacks and prizes are also available! New students who attend All Set For Fall feel better prepared and confident for the start of fall semester! Family and friends are welcome, too!  In fact, bring a friend who applies to CLC for fall semester, and you’ll be eligible for a pair of wireless headphones.

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New Student Orientation Day on August 23

New Student Orientation Day is a mandatory event for new students. The purpose of New Student Orientation Day is to build a sense of belonging for students and families and help ease the transition to college. Students and families who attend become more comfortable with the campus; start connecting with other students, faculty and staff; and learn about important college resources and practices. In fact, students who participate in New Student Orientation Day report having a significantly more positive college experience overall.  

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