Emergency Medical Response Technician Certificate

Emergency Medical Response Technician Certificate

Career Description

Emergency Medical Technicians find employment with ambulance services, fire departments, clinics and hospital emergency room settings, security services, corrections, governmental services, public utility services, casinos, and dispatch and rescue teams.

Program Information

The Emergency Medical Response Technician Certificate prepares students to work as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). EMTs provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation for critical and emergent patients. Successful completion of this course qualifies students to sit for the National Registry of EMT’s practical examination and National Registry of EMT-Basic computer adaptive exam. Passing the NREMT exam fulfills the Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board requirements for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Recognize and mitigate safety hazards;
  • Perform basic rescue techniques;
  • Identify hazardous materials and how to safely manage these materials and situations;
  • Assess emergency situations and determine the appropriate care response;
  • Provide basic life support treatment;
  • Understand and participate in the incident command structure;
  • Assess and document subjective and objective patient information, treatment plan and patient progress;
  • Perform medical and trauma assessments;
  • Safely operate an emergency response ambulance; and
  • Communicate incident response needs to technician level responders, dispatch and incident command.


National Registry of EMT-Basic computer adaptive exam. Passing the NREMT exam fulfills the Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board requirements for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. Students will also be OHSA-10 certified.


Students must be at least 16 years of age and have medical clearance from a physician. Minnesota Law requires that any person who provides services that involve direct contact with patients and residents at a health care facility, licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health, pass a personal background check conducted by the State of Minnesota.

emt paramedic by ambulance

Program Course Requirements

EMTS 1100 General OSHA Safety, 1 cr
EMTS 1104 Rescue Basics, 3 cr
EMTS 1106 Hazardous Materials Operations, 2 cr
EMTS 1122 Emergency Medical Technician, 9 cr
EMTS 1128 Emergency Response Technician Practicum, 2 cr


Program Instructors

Photo First Name Last Name Position Department Phone Email Alt. Phone: URL wdt_ID
Aubrey Beadell Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8014 aubrey.beadell@clcmn.edu 1
Nick O'Reilly Occupational Skills Program College Lab Assistant OccupationalSkills 218-855-8077 Nicholas.oreilly@clcmn.edu 2
Kevin Lomax College Lab Assistant Automotive Faculty 218-855-8000 KLomax@clcmn.edu 3
Jody Flynn Accessibility Services Assistant Accessibility 218-855-8056 jody.flynn@clcmn.edu 5
Missy Tureson Box Office Assistant Theatre 218-855-8199 mtureson@clcmn.edu 6
Deana Bobzien Instructor CollegeCareerStudies - Mathematics - Supportive Services 218-855-8339 deana.bobzien@clcmn.edu 7
Brianna Rajkowski Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8228 brianna.rajkowski@clcmn.edu 8
Cynthia Dionysius AD Nursing Faculty NursingASDegree 218-855-8133 cindy.dionysius@clcmn.edu 9
Tajia Anderson PSEO Specialist Admissions - CollegeCreditInHighSchool- PSEO 218-855-8079 tajia.anderson@clcmn.edu 10
Tracy Tschida Instructor Psychology - CollegeCareerStudies 2188-855-8328 tracy.tschida@clcmn.edu 11
Mike Fitcher Adjunct Instructor MachineTool 218-855-8000 michael.fitcher@clcmn.edu 12
Brent Balmer Videography CLA Videography 218-855-8727 brent.balmer@clcmn.edu 13
David Gray Instructor History 218-855-8276 david.gray@clcmn.edu 14
Jim Nagy Adjunct Instructor GraphicDesign 218-855-8157 james.nagy@clcmn.edu 15
Brandon Schneider Instructor HeavyEquipment 218-894-5179 brandon.schneider@clcmn.edu 16
Natalia DePauw Director of Dual Enrollment Advising - PSEO - CollegeCreditInHighSchool 218-855-8263 natalia.depauw@clcmn.edu 18
Amy Disterhaupt Admissions Specialist Admissions 218-855-8250 amy.disterhaupt@clcmn.edu 20
Nick Heisserer Instructor BusinessFaculty - StudentLearningAssessment 218-855-8089 nick.heisserer@clcmn.edu https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/CentralLakesCollege6@MinnState.edu/bookings/ 21
Matthew Krueger Environmental Health and Safety Officer Maintenance 218-855-8115 matthew.krueger@clcmn.edu 22
Mark Lindquist Instructor Music 218-855-8236 mark.lindquist@clcmn.edu 23
Joy Larson Emergency Management and Security Coordinator Security 218-855-8143 joy.larson@clcmn.edu 24
Jeremy Goddard Bookstore/Print Shop Bookstore Supportive Services 218-855-8146 Jeremy.Goddard@clcmn.edu 25
Sarah Jennissen Instsructor NursingAssistant - PracticalNursing - TrainedMedicationAid 218-894-5308 sarah.jennissen@clcmn.edu 26
Kevin Lattu Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8117 kevin.lattu@clcmn.edu 27
Cash Robinson Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8076 cash.robinson@clcmn.edu 28
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