Jazz Studies Certificate

Jazz Studies Certificate

Career Description

A vast number of high schools and middle schools in Minnesota and across the country have jazz bands as either curricular classes or extra-curricular activities. Students who complete the jazz certificate will have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully teach and lead jazz ensembles. These additional skills in jazz music may increase the likelihood of getting hired at a school that desires a band director or teacher who can also successfully lead a jazz band program. Secondly, the practiced performance of jazz music and the improvisational skills required in jazz will improve a student’s ability to perform on their instrument, leading to more opportunities to perform as a paid musician at various establishments and in musical productions and recordings.

Program Information

The Jazz Studies Certificate program provides students with applied jazz performance skills as well as historical and theoretical background in jazz music. Jazz is one of the most important developments in American musical history, having profoundly influenced musical development across the world. Jazz continues to be present in schools and education across the country through jazz bands and jazz combos. This certificate is designed for AA, Music AFA, Music Technology AFA, and other non-degree and degree-seeking students who want to develop skills in jazz.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Perform and interpret jazz music with appropriate style and sound;
  • Demonstrate artistry, technical ability, improvisation skills, and knowledge of jazz repertoire represented through the concentrated study of a Primary Instrument/Voice*;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of music theory and notation;
  • Identify various styles and eras of jazz through listening and reading; and
  • Describe and discuss the experience and contributions (political, social, and musical) of the many groups that shape American society and culture, in particular those groups that have suffered discrimination and exclusion.

Special Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the following conditions in order to graduate:

  • College Cumulative GPA Requirement: cumulative grade point average (GPA) of credits attempted and completed at CLC must be at least 2.0;
  • College Technical Core GPA Requirement: cumulative GPA of credits attempted and completed towards the technical core of the diploma or degree must be at least 2.0;
  • Residency Requirement: students must complete 25% of their credits at Central Lakes College.

Employment Statistics

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Program Course Requirements

Required Discipline Courses (19 credits)

MUSC 1459 Musicology (Goal 6), 3 cr
MUSC 2401 Evolution of Jazz (Goals 6,7), 3 cr
MUSC 2511 Music Theory & Musicianship I: Aural, 2 cr
MUSC 2512 Music Theory & Musicianship I: Written, 3 cr

Two Semesters are required for each of the following:

Using Primary Instrument/Voice Guide*, choose appropriate lessons (Goal 6), Total of 2 cr

MUSC 1441 Applied Music Lessons – Guitar OR
MUSC 1464 Applied Music Lessons – Brass OR
MUSC 1468 Applied Music Lessons – Strings OR
MUSC 1475 Applied Music Lessons – Woodwind OR
MUSC 1477 Applied Music Lessons – Bass Guitar OR
MUSC 1481 Applied Music Lessons – Piano OR
MUSC 1485 Applied Music Lessons – Percussion OR
MUSC 1491 Applied Music Lessons – Voice

MUSC 2470 Applied Music Jazz Improv (Goal 6), Total of 2 cr

Four Semesters are required of the following:

MUSC 1404 Raider Jazz Collective (Goal 6), Total of 4 cr


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