History Transfer Pathway A.A. Degree

History Transfer Pathway A.A. Degree

Program Information

History is the study of people outside of our contemporary context. History provides our frame of reference and gives us invaluable perspective on how we arrived in our present circumstance. The History Transfer Pathway provides a broad base of general education relevant to history oriented careers, and prepares students for transfer into a History baccalaureate degree at Minnesota State universities. A bachelor’s degree in history will open doors into a number of career fields including teaching, law, historical preservation, museums, consulting, and editing publishing. It may also be a step to advanced degrees in many fields.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of U.S. and World History;
  • Make use of historical thinking;
  • Analyze historical sources, distinguishing primary from secondary sources;
  • Communicate effectively using historical evidence and methods; and
  • Analyze and understand the diversity of peoples within their distinctive historical contexts.

Special Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the following conditions in order to graduate:

  1. College Cumulative GPA Requirement: cumulative grade point average (GPA) of credits attempted and completed at CLC must be at least 2.0;
  2. Residency Requirement: students must complete 25% of their credits at Central Lakes College.

Transfer Opportunities

The History Transfer Pathway A.A. Degree offers students a powerful option: the opportunity to complete an Associate of Arts degree with course credits that directly transfer to designated History bachelor’s degree programs at Minnesota State universities. The curriculum has been specifically designed so students completing this pathway degree and transferring to a Minnesota State university may enter with junior-year status. Courses in the History Transfer Pathway associates degree will directly transfer and apply to the designated bachelor’s degree programs. Students should consult with an advisor for guidance regarding how to best meet the requirements of their intended baccalaureate program. Universities within the Minnesota State system participating in the History Transfer Pathway include: • Bemidji State University – BA, BS • Metropolitan State University – BA • Minnesota State University, Mankato – BA, BS • Minnesota State University, Moorhead – BA • Southwest State University, BA • St. Cloud State University – BA • Winona State University – BA

Employment Statistics

For more information regarding employment statistics, career salary information and estimated job growth, follow the resource links below:


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Sample Full-Time Pathway

Semester 1 (14-15 credits)
CCST 1550 Introduction to College (recommended) or another Student Success course, 1 cr
ENGL 1410 Composition I OR ENGL 1420* Honors Composition I (Goal 1), 4 cr
HIST 1472 United States History to 1865 (Goals 5,7), 3 cr
Goal 3 w/lab course (Goals 3,10), 3-4 cr
Goal 6 course, 3 cr

Semester 2 (16 credits)
COMM any 14XX or 24XX COMM Goal 1 course, 3 cr
ENGL 1411* Composition II (Goal 1) OR ENGL 1421* Honors Composition II (Goals 1,9), 4 cr
HIST 1473 U.S. History since 1865 OR HIST 1475 Honors U.S. History 1865 to Present (Goals 5,7), 3 cr
Goal 5 course (any discipline other than History), 3 cr
Electives, 3 cr

Semester 3 (14-15 credits)
HIST 1412  World History I, From the Beginning to 1500 (Goals 5,8), 3 cr
MATH 1460 Intro to Statistics (Goal 4, recommended), 4 cr OR MATH 1461 Honors Intro to Statistics, 4 cr OR MATH 1470 College Algebra (Goal 4), 3 cr
Goal 6 course, 3 cr
Electives, 4-6 cr

Semester 4 (15 credits)
HIST 1413 World History II, 1500 to present (Goals 5,8), 3 cr
Goal 3 course, 3 cr
Goal 9 course, 3 cr
HLTH or PHED Fitness for Life course, 2-3 cr
Electives, 3-4 cr


Program Instructors

robert brekken

Robert Brekken

History Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8190

David Gray

History instructor
Phone: 218-855-8276
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David O’Brien

History Instructor
Phone: 320 808-4562
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