IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process (Options 1-3)

IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process (Options 1-3)

Which Tax year to request:
2016 for 2018-19 School year
2017 for 2019-20 School year
2018 for 2020-21 School year

1. has two options for requesting Tax Return Transcript.

  • “Get Transcript Online” is available to those that have used this option previously.
  • “Get Transcript by MAIL” is available to others.
    o Complete requested information according to what was on your filed Federal Tax Return
    o For type of transcript- select “Return transcript”
    o Be sure to select the correct  tax return year.
    o There will then be an order confirmation message
    o Takes 5 to 10 days to receive

2. Call 1-800-908-9946 Transcript order line: Available 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM local time

When prompted by the automated system:

  • Enter your Social Security Number.
  • Enter the Numbers in your street address
  • Select-Option 2 (Transcript of Tax Return)
  • Enter the year of the Return you are requesting
  • Takes 5 to 10 days to receive

3. Complete 4506T-EZ from the IRS website at this link IRS.4506T-EZ (pdf)

  • PDF version of form will appear with two methods of completion.
      • Complete online, save, print and mail
      • Print blank, complete by hand and mail.
      • Mailing addresses are on page 2 of form.
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