Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

2019-2020 Budget items

The Financial Aid Office at Central Lakes College has developed a comprehensive financial aid program based on federal, state, institutional and private resources to help students cover the cost of education. CLC annually awards assistance to about 80 percent of its student body and has awarded over $20 million aid dollars annually to its students. Therefore, no prospective student should hesitate to apply for admission because of financial circumstances. The CLC Financial Aid staff encourages all students to apply for financial aid.

In order for the Financial Aid office to determine your financial eligibility, we must first establish what we feel your costs are associated with attending Central Lakes College for an academic year.  Tuition figures are estimated until approved by the MnSCU Board.

All budget items shown are for nine months and attending full-time (15+ credits per semester).  Students attending less than full-time are eligible for financial aid.  However, for less than full-time attendance budget, family contributions and maximum awards may be adjusted proportionately.

Standard Cost of Attendance at CLC is based on the following table:

Base Tuition/Fees-$5,676 (a)
(Add’l tuition info here)
Estimated Books/Supplies-$1,000
Estimated Room/Board-$5,670
Estimated Transportation-$4,400 (b)
Personal/Miscellaneous-$2,254 (c)
Total                                 $19,000

Reference Information for calculations in above table.
(a) Base tuition: $4,915.50

Student Association Fee-$10.50
Student Life Fee- $225.00 (d) 
Technology Fee-$319.50
Athletic Fee-$110.00 (e)
Transcript/Grad fee-$20.00 (f)
Total                                 $5,675.50
Total tuition/fees per cr.-$    189.20

(b) Based on an allowance of 65 miles per day, 4 days per week at 0.50/mile
(c) Includes costs for clothing, laundry, personal care, recreation, etc.
(d) Student Life fee is $5.45/credit with a cap of $112.50/term, $225.00/year
(e) Athletic fee is $4.20/credit with a cap of $55.00/semester, $110.00/year
(f) Transcript/Grad fee = $10.00/semester

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