Student Satisfaction

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is one measure of the extent to which students are actively engaged in and satisfied with their education experience. Select the links below to view Key Findings Reports from the surveys.

CCSSE 2014 Key Findings (pdf)
CCSSE 2012 Key Findings (pdf)
CCSSE 2010 Key Findings (pdf)

Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) cohort data provide a look at the experiences reported by nearly 75,000 entering students in community colleges and thus offer important insights into areas where colleges are doing well and areas where there are substantial opportunities for improvement. The 2010 SENSE Cohort participants included 172 institutions from 35 states, the District of Columbia, and the Mariana Islands. The SENSE survey was administered in classes randomly selected from the population of all first-college-level English and math courses and all developmental education courses, excluding ESL courses.

SENSE 2012 Key Findings (pdf)
SENSE 2010 Key Findings (pdf)

Priorities Survey of Online Learners (PSOL) is administered annually to gauge online student satisfaction in both their online courses and online college experience. This survey allows CLC to compare results with previous years’ results of students taking courses online at Central Lakes College, in Minnesota, and nationwide.

PSOL2013_Part 1 (pdf)
PSOL2013_Part 2 (pdf)

PSOL2010_Part1 (pdf)
PSOL2010_Part2 (pdf)
PSOL2010_Part3 (pdf)
PSOL2010_Part4 (pdf)
PSOL2010_Part5 (pdf)
PSOL2010_Part6 (pdf)

PSOL 2009 Report (pdf)

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