Registration Cancellation For Non-Payment

Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment

The registration cancellation for non-payment process will occur on the 6th business day of the semester, after the free add/drop period has ended.

Students, who do not have their accounts paid in full by the tuition due date (fifteen days prior to the start of the semester), or have not made payment arrangements, will have the class registrations cancelled for non-payment.

If a student’s class registration is cancelled for non-payment, the student may re-register for classes, depending on class availability and provided appropriate payment arrangements are made.

After the 20th business day of the semester, students will not be allowed to re-register.

Note:  Students enrolled in internship programs are exempt from registration cancellation.  If a student does not intend to participate in their internship, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the college of that decision and drop the course.


  • Pay your bill in full, OR 
  • Have received notice in our Financial Aid office from the federal government that you have applied for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), OR
  • Have a payment plan contract in place with Nelnet (additional information available at Nelnet Payment PlanOR
  • Have a 3rd Party authorization (CEP, DRS, Vets, PSEO, etc.) on file with the CLC Business Office, OR
  • Have consortium agreements completed with the Financial Aid Office if you are attending more than one college, OR
  • Have application for VA Education Benefits completed in the Veterans Center, OR
  • Have scholarship checks received in the Business Office, OR
  • Pay $300.00 or 15% minimum down on tuition and fees.
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