Diversity of Central Lakes College

Diversity of Central Lakes College

Our commitment to diversity at Central Lakes College is embedded in our mission statement and values.

At Central Lakes College we are committed to a supportive environment for the growth and development of students from diverse cultural, ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds.

Student Services

Accessibility Services
CLC is committed to providing access, opportunity and reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities and those with intellectual disabilities. CLC is one of the few two-year colleges with a designated Accessibility Services Coordinator, only one of two colleges in the State that offers an Occupational Skills Program.


Student Clubs & Organizations
CLC is committed to a diverse student, faculty and staff environment where our differences are accepted and embraced. Leading this charge are student clubs: The Diversity of Leadership Council (DLC), The Equality Coalition, and The International Club, the ASL Club, and the Spanish Club.

Cultural Thursdays
Cultural Thursday presentations on the First Thursday of the month. Presentations are given by students, faculty or community on countries from Argentina to Zambia, with Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, Israel, Peru and Palestine in between.

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