College in the Schools Students

College in the Schools – Students 

College in the Schools (CIS) is a partnership with local high schools that gives high schools an opportunity to strengthen their academic course offerings while providing high school studentsthe opportunity to earn credit concurrently.Concurrent enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take college-credit bearing courses from Central Lakes College (CLC) approved high school teachers. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while learning in their high school environment earning college credit at the time they successfully complete the course. CLC College in the Schools is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) 

Please click here for a guide to complete the Application (pdf) 

Steps to Enroll as a CIS Student 

Step 1: 

Applyto Central Lakes College:Students can apply directly on the CLC Admissions website. After applying, submit yourHigh SchoolTranscripts. Students must have a 2.5 GPA as a senior, or a 3.0 GPA as a junior to be eligible.Students who do not meet requirements for Admission may appeal their decision by completing an Admission Appeal 

Step 2: 

Complete theAccuplacerPlacement Test:CLC requires all students to complete the Accuplacer before registering for classes. The computerizedAccuplacertests your reading and math levels and are used to enroll you in the appropriate courses. If you have not completed it within the last two years you will need to test.CIS Students may test in their high school with school staff serving as proctors. ACT, MCA, and SAT test scores may be used instead ofAccuplacertest scores if they meet eligibility requirements. For more information on Accuplacer, please visit the Accuplacer website. 

Step 3: 

Register for CIS courses: students work with their High School Counselor to register for courses using eServices, or another method determined by their school CIS students must meet all CLC course prerequisite requirements that vary depending on the course. Students who do not meet prerequisite requirements may work with their High School instructor and complete a CIS Prerequisite Waiver Form (pdf) Students who wish to register for more than 18 credits in a semester must complete a CIS Additional Credit form (pdf) for permission. The maximum number of credits a student may earn in a term is 22 credits. 

Step 4: 

Achieve success in your courses! CLC is committed to providing CIS students with the same opportunities for learning, connection, and accountability as all other students. Students should consult with the CIS Student Handbook (pdf) to learn more about the services available to them. Students should also review the Student Concern Process, and complete the Student Concern Form if needed. CIS Students can participate in student activities and events. For more information on student activities, please visit our student life webpage. Students also may use D2L Brightspace, CLC’s Online Learning Management System. Finally, CLC expects all CIS students to adhere to the same academic and conduct standards as other CLC students. For more information please review the CLC polices website. 


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