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College in the Schools (CIS) – Student Information

College in the Schools (CIS) is a concurrent enrollment program administered by Central Lakes College (CLC) in partnership with regional high schools.  The CIS program gives high schools an opportunity to strengthen their academic course offerings while allowing students to earn college credit.  Concurrent enrollment courses are taught by college-credentialed high school instructors in collaboration with CLC faculty members.  Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college and strengthen their study skills while learning in their high school environment.

The CLC College in the Schools program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

CLC CIS Admission Requirements

12th Grade.  High School GPA 2.5 or higher

11th Grade.  High School GPA 3.0 or higher

10th Grade.  High School GPA 3.0 or higher AND a Letter of Support from their high school counselor

Students who do not meet CLC CIS Admissions Requirements may submit a CIS Appeal for Admissions.

CLC CIS Admission Steps

STEP 1. Submit CLC Application

See Steps to Complete CIS/PSEO Application document for detailed information.

STEP 2. Send current high school transcript to CLC

Work with your high school counselor to have an official high school transcript sent directly to CLC.

NOTE!  10th Grade students must also submit a Letter of Support from their high school counselor.

CLC CIS Course Placement

Reading College Level / Writing College Level: High School GPA 2.6 or higher allows registration for most Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) coursework, including ENGL 1410 Composition I.

Algebra College Level: High School GPA 2.8 or higher AND successful completion of HS Algebra II (C- or higher) allows registration for college level math coursework.

NOTE!  Students who do not meet course placement requirements based on High School GPA may opt to use MCA, ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer test scores.  Find more information about Determining Course Placement and CLC Placement Levels online.

CIS students who do not meet prerequisite requirements for a specific course may work with their high school instructor to complete a CIS Prerequisite Waiver Form, final approval of this waiver request will be made by CLC faculty collaborator.

CLC CIS Registration

Students work with their high school counselor to register for courses using e-Services or another method as determined by their school.  A Minnesota State student may earn a maximum of 22 credits per term.

Achieve Success!

CLC is committed to providing CIS students with the same opportunities for learning, connection, and accountability as all other CLC students.  Students should visit the CLC Advising webpage to learn more about the tools and resources available to them.  CIS Students can participate in student activities and events, check out the CLC Student Life webpage for more information.

CIS students are expected to adhere to the same academic and conduct standards as all CLC students, please review the CLC College Policies webpage for additional information.  CLC encourages students to resolve issues of complaint on your own; however, if they cannot do so, please follow the Student Complaint Process.

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