MyCLCPlus Card

MyCLCPlus Card

The Refund Selection Kit is issued to all Central Lakes College students, through a partnership between the Minnesota State System, Central Lakes College, and BankMobile Disbursements, a financial services company serving colleges and universities across the country.

This is not a credit card. This service will give you access to your financial aid funds and/or student payroll, depending on your refund selection.

MyCLCPlus Card for New Students
Students that are registering at Central Lakes College for the first time will receive the MyCLCPlus card in the mail. You will have the option to receive your financial aid, refunds and/or student payroll on the MyCLCPlus card.

Card is Mailed to Students’ Homes
Your MyCLCPlus card will be mailed by BankMobile Disbursements to your home address. To avoid any delays, DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CARD.
The card will come in an envelope like the one shown below.

Green Envelope

Selecting Your Refund Preference
You must use your MyCLCPlus card to select a refund preference as soon as you receive your card in the mail. Visit to select your refund preference.

With the MyCLCPlus card, you have two options to receive your financial aid disbursement and/or student payroll:
automatically deposited into an existing bank account; or
disbursed directly to your BankMobile Vibe Account

Please visit or e-mail the Business Office for more information.

Financial Aid and Student Payroll Disbursement Options
After you have registered for a class at Central Lakes College, you will receive a MyCLCPlus card in the mail. Do not throw the card away.

You will need it to select a financial aid or student payroll disbursement option.

Your Disbursement Options
Once you receive the card, you have two options to select how you wish to receive your financial aid or student payroll disbursement. Your selection is called your “refund preference” – keep in mind that you must choose one.

Carefully read through all of the information for each option and make the selection that is best for you.

  1. Transfer to Your Existing Bank Account
    You may request to electronically deposit your financial aid disbursement or your student payroll to your existing bank account. Visit when you receive the card to select your financial aid or student payroll disbursement be transferred. If you choose this option, your refund will be deposited in your bank account after Central Lakes College sends the funds to BankMobile Disbursements. There is no charge for receiving your refund this way.
  2. BankMobile Vibe Account
    The BankMobile Vibe account is a checking account/debit card that you open with BankMobile and link to your MyCLCPlus card. If you select the BankMobileVibe account, you will be able to use your MyCLCPlus card to make purchases anywhere that MasterCard is accepted and to get cash out of Allpoint ATM machines. Visit MyCLCPlus card when you receive the card to activate your account and select the BankMobile Vibe account. If you choose this option, your disbursement is available the following business day after Central Lakes College sends the funds to BankMobile. Financial aid disbursements are usually available the third week of each semester for students that have an active award and are in good academic standing. There may be fees associated with the BankMobile Vibe account. Please review the BankMobile Fee Schedules to learn more about potential fees associated with the Vibe Account and its services. With the BankMobile Vibe Account you also have the option of various mobile banking features. You are not required to select the BankMobile Vibe Account to receive your financial aid refund. You only have to open the BankMobile Vibe Account if you wish to have your refund on your MyCLCPlus Card

ATM Locations
You can use any Allpoint ATM to withdraw cash and/or view the current available balance on your BankMobile checking account/debit card. There is no fee when using the MyCLCPlus card. The daily cash limit is $500.

There are ATM’s located at both the Brainerd and Staples campuses in the cafeteria/commons areas. To locate the Allpoint ATM nearest you click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

New students will be issued a MyCLCPlus card after they register for classes at Central Lakes College.

Go to E-Services to update your home address now so the card comes in the mail.

For additional questions regarding the MyCLCPlus card click here.

Department of Education required contract disclosure with Customers Bank:

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