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After the drop/add period has expired, a refund of all or part of the tuition paid may be given under certain circumstances.  Students may apply for an Administrative Refund for the following reasons only:

Death in the immediate family (that can be documented).

Medical Reasons:  injury or illness that requires a prolonged absence.  A doctor’s statement (on physician’s letterhead) is required and must declare that the medical condition impairs the student’s ability to attend or complete classes.

Significant Personal circumstances beyond the control of the student that can be corroborated by an independent professional such as a social worker, lawyer, or law enforcement agent.

Natural Disaster or other similar situation (that can be documented).

Military duty (letter of assignment or notice of re-call is required).
If an Administrative Refund is granted, classes are dropped, no grades are awarded and the student’s transcript is not impacted.

  • Appeal forms are available from the Director of Financial Aid or the Director of Business Services.
  • Forms must be completed and signed by the student.
  • Appeals must be made within ninety days of the end of the semester for which the debt was incurred.  No appeals will be granted for debt greater than ninety days old.

A committee reviews all Administrative Refund Appeals.
*In the case of illness or injury, a family member is defined as the spouse, minor or dependent children/stepchildren/foster children (including wards and children for whom the student is legal guardian), or parent/step-parent living in the same household as the student.
**In the case of death, a family member is defined as the spouse or domestic partner, the parents and grandparents of the spouse, the parents/step-parents, grandparents, guardian, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, wards, or stepchildren of the student.


A tuition deferment maybe available to students with a prior balance wishing to register for an upcoming semester.  If you have a payment plan in place and/or financial aid available you may request a deferment.
Appeal forms are available from the Business Office.  Forms must be completed and signed by the student.
A committee reviews all Tuition Deferral Appeals


If unable to pay the minimum down payment, please contact the Business Office.