Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) Program

The Minnesota PSEO program allows 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students to take courses and receive both high school and transferable college credit.  Students participate in college courses at one of Central Lakes College’s campuses or online and are taught by CLC instructors.  The PSEO program will cover the cost of tuition and fees, as well as books and supplies for eligible courses whether the student is attending part-time or full-time.  Students are not allowed to take courses with additional fees that exceed a total of $100, or remedial courses (below 1000 level).

To participate in the PSEO program a student must inform their school district by May 30 each year the student intends to enroll in PSEO courses and meet CLC PSEO Admissions requirements.

CLC PSEO Admission Requirements

12th Grade.  High School GPA 2.5 or higher

11th Grade.  High School GPA 3.0 or higher

10th Grade.  MCA Reading (8th Grade) scores with proficiency level “meets or exceeds”

NOTE!  10th Grade students are eligible to enroll in one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course during their first semester participating in the PSEO program.  View full list of Grade 10 PSEO Eligible CTE Courses.

Students who do not meet CLC PSEO Admissions Requirements may submit an Admission Appeal.

CLC PSEO Admission Steps

STEP 1. Submit CLC Application

See Steps to Complete CIS/PSEO Application document for detailed information.

STEP 2. Submit PSEO Program Notice of Student Registration Form (2022-23) pdf

Return completed form to CLC Brainerd Welcome Center or email Tajia Anderson.

Tips for filling out this form correctly the first time!

Section 1.  Completed by Student and Parent/Guardian.  Be sure to complete ALL required fields, if you have completed your CLC Application you have a ‘CLC Tech/Student ID’ – check your email!  You DO NOT need to enter an ‘MDE College Student ID Number.’

Section 2.  Completed by high/home school counselor

NOTE!  High school counselors can refuse to complete this section after May 30 of the year the student intends to participate in the PSEO program.  However, if a high school counselor is willing to complete the form after this date CLC will honor that decision.

Page 2.  Don’t forget to re-enter your personal information on this page.

STEP 3.  Send current high school transcript to CLC.

Work with your high school counselor to have an official high school transcript sent directly to CLC.

NOTE!  10th Grade students must also submit MCA Reading (8th Grade) scores with proficiency level “meets or exceeds”

CLC PSEO Course Placement

Reading College Level / Writing College Level: High School GPA 2.6 or higher allows registration for most Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) coursework, including ENGL 1410 Composition I.

Algebra College Level: High School GPA 2.8 or higher AND successful completion of HS Algebra II (C- or higher) allows registration for college level math coursework.

NOTE!  Students who do not meet course placement requirements based on High School GPA may opt to use MCA, ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer test scores.  Find more information about Determining Course Placement and CLC Placement Levels online.

CLC PSEO Registration

STEP 1.  Meet with high/home school counselor to review high school graduation requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to understand which courses are needed to successfully meet high school graduation requirements.

STEP 2.  Schedule an appointment with a CLC Academic Advisor to register for classes.

A CLC Academic Advisor will review your progress toward CLC degree completion.

STEP 3. Review registered classes with high/home school counselor.

Confirm your college schedule will meet high school graduation requirements.

Returning CLC PSEO Students

Required steps for EACH SEMESTER you wish to register for PSEO courses at Central Lakes College.

STEP 1. Submit PSEO Program Notice of Student Registration Form (2022-23) pdf

Return completed form to CLC Brainerd Welcome Center or email Tajia Anderson.

STEP 2. Follow CLC PSEO Registration steps

Find additional information about the PSEO program:

3.5.2 Post-secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) Program Registration CLC Procedure


Minnesota Department of Education Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Contact Information

Photo First Name Last Name Position Department Phone Email Alt. Phone: URL wdt_ID
Aubrey Beadell Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8014 1
Nick O'Reilly Occupational Skills Program College Lab Assistant OccupationalSkills 218-855-8077 2
Kevin Lomax College Lab Assistant Automotive Faculty 218-855-8000 3
Jody Flynn Accessibility Services Assistant Accessibility 218-855-8056 5
Missy Tureson Box Office Assistant Theatre 218-855-8199 6
Deana Bobzien Instructor CollegeCareerStudies - Mathematics - Supportive Services 218-855-8339 7
Brianna Rajkowski Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8228 8
Cynthia Dionysius AD Nursing Faculty NursingASDegree 218-855-8133 9
Tajia Anderson PSEO Specialist Admissions - CollegeCreditInHighSchool- PSEO 218-855-8079 10
Tracy Tschida Instructor Psychology - CollegeCareerStudies 2188-855-8328 11
Mike Fitcher Adjunct Instructor MachineTool 218-855-8000 12
Brent Balmer Videography CLA Videography 218-855-8727 13
David Gray Instructor History 218-855-8276 14
Jim Nagy Adjunct Instructor GraphicDesign 218-855-8157 15
Brandon Schneider Instructor HeavyEquipment 218-894-5179 16
Natalia DePauw Director of Dual Enrollment Advising - PSEO - CollegeCreditInHighSchool 218-855-8263 18
Amy Disterhaupt Admissions Specialist Admissions 218-855-8250 20
Nick Heisserer Instructor BusinessFaculty - StudentLearningAssessment 218-855-8089 21
Matthew Krueger Environmental Health and Safety Officer Maintenance 218-855-8115 22
Mark Lindquist Instructor Music 218-855-8236 23
Joy Larson Emergency Management and Security Coordinator Security 218-855-8143 24
Jeremy Goddard Bookstore/Print Shop Bookstore Supportive Services 218-855-8146 25
Sarah Jennissen Instsructor NursingAssistant - PracticalNursing - TrainedMedicationAid 218-894-5308 26
Kevin Lattu Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8117 27
Cash Robinson Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8076 28
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