Course Placement & Testing

Course Placement & Testing

All Minnesota State colleges require students to provide evidence of reading and math skills for placement into certain college level courses to ensure students have the academic knowledge to succeed.  If course placement is a requirement for the program you are studying, you will need to have your course placement determined before registering for courses.

Determining Course Placement

Provide ACT, MCA, SAT, and/or TABE scores
If you have taken an ACT, MCA, SAT, or TABE test within the last 5 years you may be able to use these scores for course placement.
Please send test scores to the Course Placement staff listed at the bottom on this page.

TestSection & ScoreRecommended Placement Level
ACTACT Reading 21+ENGL 1410 Composition I
ACT English 18 - 23ENGL 1410 Composition I
ACT English 24+ENGL 1420 Honors Composition I
ACT Math 20 - 21MATH 1441 Concepts of Math
MATH 1460 Intro to Statistics
MATH 1461 Honors Intro to Statistics
MATH 1520 Intro to College Algebra
ACT Math 22MATH 1470 College Algebra
ACT Math 23MATH 1472 Pre-Calculus
ACT Math 27+MATH 1477 Calculus I
MATH 1480 Honors Calculus I
MCAMCA Reading 1047+MN Transfer Curriculum courses
MCA Math 1148+MATH 1460 Intro to Statistics
MATH 1461 Honors Intro to Statistics
MCA Math 1150+MATH 1441 Concepts of Math
MCA Math 1158+MATH 1470 College Algebra
SATSAT ERW 480+ENGL 1410 Composition I
SAT Math 530+MATH 1470 College Algebra
TABETABE Reading 567+READ 0591 Reading I
TABE Math 566+MATH 0800 Fundamentals of Mathematics

Provide an Official College Transcript
If you have successfully completed college-level coursework in English and/or math, you may be exempt from all or portions of the placement test.  To determine eligibility, please submit an official transcript to CLC for evaluation.

Take the Next-Generation Accuplacer (NGA) Test
The Accuplacer helps to determine course placement and ensure your success at CLC.  To help you save time and money it is important to prepare prior to taking the Accuplacer test.

Accuplacer Course Placement   
Reading: scores valid three yearsNext-Generation ScoresRecommended Placement LevelClassic Scores
226 and belowAdult Basic Education Reading39 and below
227 – 236READ 0595 Academic Literacy40 – 55
237 – 249READ 1505 Critical Literacy
MN Transfer Curriculum courses
56 – 77
250 and aboveENGL 1410 Composition I78 and above
265 and aboveENGL 1420 Honors Composition I100 and above
ESL Reading: scores valid three yearsESL ScoreRecommended Placement Level
50 and belowAdult Basic Education ESOL
51 – 101ENGL 1510 English for Academic Purposes
MN Transfer Curriculum courses
Equivalent to NG Reading score 237
102 – 120ENGL 1410 Composition I
Equivalent to NG Reading score 250
Arithmetic: scores valid two yearsNext Generation ScoresRecommended Placement LevelClassic Scores
200 – 234Adult Basic Education Math20 – 39
235+MATH 0800 Fundamentals of Mathematics40 – 79
Take QAS testMATH 0810 Math Pathways65+
Take QAS testMATH 0820 Intermediate Algebra80+
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS): scores valid two yearsNext Generation ScoresRecommended Placement LevelElementary Algebra
200 – 239Take Arithmetic test20 – 39
-MATH 0800 Fundamentals of Mathematics40 – 51
240 – 264MATH 0810 Math Pathways
MATH 0820 Intermediate Algebra
52 – 75
265+MATH 1441 Concepts of Math
MATH 1460 Intro to Statistics
MATH 1461 Honors Intro to Statistics
MATH 1520 Intro to College Algebra
Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF): scores valid two yearsNext Generation ScoresRecommended Placement LevelCollege Math
200 – 234Take QAS test20 – 35
235 – 249MATH 1520 Intro to College Algebra
MATH 1441 Concepts of Math
MATH 1460 Intro to Statistics
MATH 1461 Honors Intro to Statistics
35 – 49
250+MATH 1470 College Algebra50 – 85 College Math
76+ Elementary Algebra
263+MATH 1472 Pre-Calculus63 – 85
276+ (with Trig)MATH 1477 Calculus I
MATH 1480 Honors Calculus I
86 – 120

Schedule an Accuplacer Course Placement Session

To register for an Accuplacer session click the “Sign Up” button next to the session you would like to attend.  To test at another Minnesota State campus, first contact CLC to get a voucher.  If you are a student from another Minnesota State college who would like to test at CLC please contact your home institution and receive a voucher number before registering for an Accuplacer session.

Questions about course placement?  Not sure if you need to complete testing?  Contact us!

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