Accuplacer Test Prep

Accuplacer Test Prep

Based on your program and Accuplacer scores you may need to take additional courses in preparation for your required college-level coursework, which may add time to your program.  Therefore, in order to save you time and money it is highly recommended you prepare for the Accuplacer test prior to testing.  Here are resources to help you prepare:

Official Accuplacer Study App and Sample Tests (Free)
Accuplacer Study App – The app includes sample questions and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. Explore practice questions and get feedback on the skills you need to focus on most.
Accuplacer Practice Questions – These resources include the types of questions and essays you will see when you take the Accuplacer test. Look for Next-Generation Sample Questions for the Reading, Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics, and/or Advanced Algebra & Functions tests.

Other online resources (Free)
• Union Test Prep – This website offers free practice tests, flashcards, and study guides for all sections of the Accuplacer. You can optionally create an account to save your progress as you study.
• Kahn Academy – This website offers free online courses in subject areas that are covered in the Accuplacer tests. This is a good option if you are interested in studying specific skill areas (IE. reading comprehension, arithmetic, algebra, etc.)

CLC’s Learning Commons (Free)
Located in the CLC Brainerd campus Library and on the Staples campus each Thursday, the CLC Learning Commons offers free one-on-one Accuplacer tutoring.

Brainerd Community Adult Basic Education (Free)
Located on the CLC Brainerd campus room in C104 the Brainerd Community Adult Basic Education program offers free one-on-one Accuplacer tutoring.

Accuplacer prep documents developed by Central Lakes College Math and Reading Faculty

Accuplacer Math Prep:

PDF 1 NGA Review Reference Guide (1) MATH1

PDF 2 NGA Review_Problem Solving (1) MATH1

PDF 3 NGA Fraction Review (1) MATH1

PDF 4 NGA_Ratios and Percent (1) MATH1

PDF 5 NGA_Exponents MATH1

PDF 6 NGA_Solving Equations (1) MATH1

PDF 7 NGA_Graphing Equations in Two Variables MATH1

PDF 8 NGA_Polynomials MATH1

PDF 9 NGA_Multiplying Polynomials (1) MATH1

PDF 10 NGA Factoring Polynomials MATH-1

PDF 11 NGA_Simplifying Rational Expressions MATH1

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