Central Lakes College has a team of experienced, professional, and energetic advisors who are committed to assist students with their educational goals. Advisors work with students in all phases of their college experience–from prospective students interested in learning more about Central Lakes College to graduates who need assistance with placement services.

Find Your Advisor by Academic Program

Jill Albie 218-894-5138
Associate of Arts/Transfer Pathways, Agriculture Science, Diesel Technology, Machine Tool Technology, Medical Assisting/Phlebotomy, Robotics, Culinary Arts, Heavy Equipment Operation Maintenance

Anji Mousseau 218-894-5136
Heavy Equipment Operation Maintenance, Diesel

Megan Mrkonjich 218-855-8002
Associate of Arts/Transfer Pathways, Automotive Technology, Horticulture, Landscape Technology, Marine & Power Sports

Natalia DePauw 218-855-8036
Health Science Broad Field, Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Practical Nursing

Janet Gontarek 218-855-8134
Associate of Arts/Transfer Pathways, Criminal Justice, Natural Resources Technology, Natural Resources, Law Enforcement, Welding

Joan Jenkins 218-855-8263
Associate of Arts/Transfer Pathways, Accounting, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare Administration, International Students, Occupational Skills,

Deb Norlin 218-855-8156
Associate of Arts/Transfer Pathways, Computer Technology, Dental Assisting, Graphic Design, Videography

Phil Olsen 218-855-8035
College in the Schools (CIS), Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

Contact Information

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Jill Albie

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-894-5138
Natalia DePauw

Natalia DePauw

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8036
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Janet Gontarek

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8134

Joan Jenkins

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8263

Anji Mousseau

Program Coordinator
Phone: 218-894-5136

Megan Mrkonjich

Raider Connect Coach
Phone: 218-855-8002

Deb Norlin

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8156
phil olsen

Phil Olsen

PSEO Advisor - CIS Coordinator
Phone: 218-855-8035
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