Transferring Credits from CLC

Transferring Credits from CLC

Steps for CLC Students Transferring to Another School

  1. Discuss transfer plans with a CLC advisor upon admission to CLC.
  2. Review transfer options.
    Many four-year colleges and universities accept a significant number of credits from CLC, making the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree affordable, accessible and convenient for CLC graduates.

Several options are available to assist you on your educational journey:

  1. Research various colleges and universities to determine admissions criteria, costs, transfer of credit, timelines, transfer scholarships, etc.
    • For specific questions, contact the admissions office at those colleges and universities.
    • Visit with 4-year college and university representatives. See the bottom of the page for the schedule and click on the link to register for your visit.
  2. Create an account at Transferology to learn how your credits will transfer.
  3. Visit to access transfer information for regional, public, private and out-of-state colleges and universities.
  4. Your transfer college will need an official CLC transcript to transfer in credits. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities have the ability to retrieve your CLC e-transcript so you do not need to request an official CLC transcript. If you are transferring outside of the Minnesota State College and University System, request your official CLC transcript.

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