English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Prepare for your college career with confidence while participating in your ESOL program
• Tour the campus
• Meet and be advised by key staff
• Financial AidRomona

• Registration and Admissions
• Library and Computer Labs
• Career Counseling Center

ESOL I and II are designed specifically for adult English language learners. You will receive services designed for your particular needs
• How college courses are structured
• How to apply for financial aid
• How to take care of personal needs

ESOL I and II include:
• Integrated English language skills for academic and business purposes through culture using authentic language situations
• Workshops on study skills
• Flexible advising
• Access to one-on-one tutoring

Who is Eligible?
Lack of English skills should not be a barrier to admission or participation, In order to eliminate barriers we take appropriate measures to assess each student’s ability to participate and benefit through placement testing and counseling. Based on the assessment and counseling, students are then provided with campus services to be better prepared for successful participation. However, students who are not native speakers of English shall be required to demonstrate proficiency in English on a standardized test selected by Central Lakes College

For more information:
• Call Lori-Beth Larsen at 218-855-8237
• Email llarsen@clcmn.edu

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