Student Concern Process

Central Lakes College encourages you to resolve issues of concern on your own; however if you cannot do so, please submit one of the three forms below to start the Student Concern Process.
Please note: reports of discrimination, sexual harassment or reports of sexual violence require a separate reporting form.  Select the appropriate form from the links below.
If this is an emergency situation, contact Campus Security at 218-828-6050 or call 911.

To review college policies or to review appeal processes, please visit the sites noted in the box below.

To view Central Lakes College policies and procedures visit:
For Grade Appeal, Suspension Appeal, Non-disclosure of Public Information, and Authorization for Release of Information forms, visit the Student Forms page at

Review the links provided below and select the form appropriate for your concern.  In order to resolve the issue effectively, identification of the concern and the department/student/employee you are raising the concern about is important.

Student Concern

Academic Related Issues

Service Related Issues

Behavior and Student Conduct Issues

Discrimination Complaint

Discrimination/harassment/retaliation based on:
Discrimination/Sexual Harassment
Disability Accommodations/ADA
Race Sex (Gender) Age Color Creed Disability Marital Status Religion
National Origin Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Gender Expression
Status With Regard to Public Assistance Membership/Activity in a local Human Rights Commission

When filling out the form:
1. Describe your concern, including the department/location of concern, name of person(s) you are raising a concern about.
2. Describe the steps you have taken to resolve the concern.
3. Describe the resolution you desire.

What you can expect:
Once submitted you will receive an automated response verifying your concern has been received and routed to the appropriate location.

Central Lakes College will address your concern within 10 business days.  If you have not received a reply from a Central Lakes College administrator regarding follow-up on your concern, contact Jean Beckmann at (218-855-8059) or (Brainerd Campus)

Who do I go to if I simply want to talk through a situation and not file a concern at this time?
– Counselor: Suzie Karsnia, 218-855-8015
– Any campus advisor: The Bridge Center, Student Services on either campus

Who do I go to for general student to student harassment/bullying concerns?
– Dean of Students, Equity & Inclusion: Mary Sam, 218-855-8159

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