Grade 10 PSEO Eligible CTE Courses

Grade 10 PSEO Eligible CTE Courses

Students seeking PSEO Admission in 10th Grade must have met proficiency level “meets or exceeds” on the 8th Grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in reading.  Additionally, students must meet course prerequisites.  Visit the CLC Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) Program webpage for additional information about CLC PSEO Admission Requirements, Admission Steps, Course Placement, and Registration.

Admitted 10th Grade PSEO students are eligible to enroll in one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course during their first semester participating in the PSEO program.  Successful completion of this initial college level course (grade of ‘C-’ or better) will allow registration in additional courses during subsequence terms including, but not limited to, CTE courses.

NOTE!  Not all courses listed are offered all semesters.  Locations and delivery methods are subject to change.  For up-to-date course information search CLC Course Schedules.

Grade 10 PSEO Eligible CTE Courses
BUSN 1131 Business Math 2 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
BUSN 1162 Customer Relations 3 Brainerd Online
BUSN 1164 International Business 3 Brainerd Online
BUSN 1166 Business Communications 3 Brainerd Online
BUSN 1501 Introduction to Business 3 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
Child Development
CDEV 1102 Intro to Early Childhood Education 3 Brainerd Online
CDEV 1104 Child Growth and Development 3 Brainerd Online
CDEV 1106 Child Health, Wellness, Safety, and Nutrition 3 Brainerd Online
CDEV 1112 Child Behavior and Guidance 3 Brainerd Online
CDEV 1114 Diverse Children and Family Relations 3 Brainerd Online
Computer Technology
COMP 1101 Computer Fundamentals 3 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
COMP 1102 Intro to Keyboarding 1 Brainerd Online
COMP 1131 MS Word Comprehensive 4 Brainerd Online
COMP 1133 MS PowerPoint Comprehensive 3 Brainerd Online
COMP 1134 MS Outlook Comprehensive 1 Brainerd Online
COMP 1132 MS Access Comprehensive 4 Brainerd Online
COMP 1135 MS Excel Comprehensive 4 Brainerd Online
Criminal Justice
CRJU 1101 Criminal Justice 3 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
CRJU 1104 Juvenile Justice 3 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
Emergency Medical Technology Studies
EMTS 1100 OSHA Safety & First Aid 1 Brainerd Online
EMTS 1104 Rescue Basic 3 Brainerd On-Campus
EMTS 1106 Hazardous Materials Operations 2 Brainerd On-Campus
EMTS 1124 Emergency Medical Responder 3 Brainerd On-Campus
EMTS 1130 AHA Healthcare Provider CPR 1 Brainerd On-Campus
Graphic Design
GDES 1105 Concepts of Design 3 Brainerd On-Campus
GDES 1140 Adobe Photoshop 3 Brainerd On-Campus
GDES 1142 Adobe Illustrator 3 Brainerd On-Campus
GDES 1144 Adobe InDesign 3 Brainerd On-Campus
Healthcare Administrative Specialist
HINS 1122 Body Structures and Functions 3 Brainerd Online
HINS 1156 Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals 1 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
HINS 1164 Applied Medical Terminology 3 Brainerd Online
HINS 1360 Medical Terminology 3 Brainerd Online
HORT 1108 Fund of Floral Design 4 Brainerd Online, On-Campus
Human Services
HSER 1100 Intro to Social Work 3 Brainerd On-Campus
HSER 1102 Introduction to Human Services 4 Brainerd Online
Nursing Assistant
NSGA 1110 Nursing Assistant 3 Brainerd On-Campus
Practical Nursing
PNUR 1130 Life Span 1 Staples Online
PNUR 1138 Medical Terminology 1 Staples Online
PNUR 1140 Medication Calculations 1 Staples On-Campus
VPRO 1114 Camera Operations 3 Brainerd On-Campus

Updated 04/29/2022

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