Course Delivery Options

Late Start Classes

CLC offers late start classes because we know one start date doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule.
CLC’s 8-week, high interest late start classes are designed for new and current students seeking to earn credits toward a diploma or degree, skilling up for the work force, or expanding an interest.  You may be eligible for a special late start class scholarship and financial aid. Classes begin in mid-October and finish in mid-December.  Perfect timing for you!
Fall Semester Late Start Classes
  • ESCI 1444 Natural Disasters, Starts October 16 [Online Delivery]
  • ARTS 1401 Black & White Photography, Starts October 16  [Online Delivery]
  • BUSN 2116 Social Media Marketing, Starts October 16  [Online Delivery]
  • HINS 1360 Medical Terminology, Starts October 16  [Online Delivery]
  • PHED 1541 Bowling, Starts October 24 [In Person Delivery]
  • CCST 1552 Success Strategies for Athletes, Starts October 26 [In Person Delivery]
  • NSGA 1110 Nursing Assistant, Starts October 9 [In Person Delivery]
New Students: Apply here or email (put late start classes in subject line)
Current Students: Make an appointment with an academic advisor or email

Course Delivery Options

Flexible Learning Options at Central Lakes College (CLC)
CLC has course delivery methods that include face-to-face and virtual options for greater flexibility for students. Virtual options may use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other technologies. To access online and virtual courses, students should have regular access to a computer, webcam, and a reliable internet connection. 

Please review the descriptions of course delivery methods below. Not every course is offered in each delivery method, so please check the delivery method column on the course schedule for details. Click on the title of the course to see important notes about delivery method, meeting information, etc. 

Need help creating a schedule tailored just for you? Make an appointment with an Advisor

Course Delivery Methods:

In-Person: All course meetings are on-campus.

Online Synchronous: The instructor will teach live virtually. All instruction is delivered online with required, real-time (synchronous) meeting days/times that are listed in the schedule. Students attend virtually.

Online Asynchronous: All instruction is delivered online with no required scheduled meetings or attendance.  Students complete coursework by accessing instructional materials online.

Blended/Hybrid: 25-75% of instruction is online (asynchronous) with regularly-scheduled, mandatory, in-person meetings.

LiveOnline: The instructor will teach from the classroom. Students may attend the course in-person or live virtually. To find LiveOnline courses in the course schedule, set the Delivery Method to “In-Person” and look for “Videoconferencing Originating Site” in the Delivery Method column. Click on the title of the course to see the course attendance policy and course recording information.

HyFlex: The instructor will teach from the classroom or live virtually. Students may attend the course in-person or live virtually. Click on the title of the course to see the course attendance policy, course recording information, and instructor location.

Mostly Online: Instruction is delivered online (asynchronous), with up to two possible in-person meetings and up to four required proctored exams.  

For further information on CLC’s course scheduling, view our CLC Course Scheduling Guidelines (pdf)

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