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Real-World Advice from Your Fellow CLC Alumni

Follow your dreams and set goals. Be willing to change your goals as you have new dreams and opportunities in your life. Your dreams and goals will lead to success in your career and family. Remember that the world is constantly changing and you will always be challenged to continue your education as you have new dreams. Your education will always be a part of your life experiences. Treasure it as you move on with your dreams.

  • Joseph Cronin (’73)


Don’t always worry about what is next in life. Uncertainty and risks can allow great discoveries in life and can ultimately pave paths to the future that is right for you and you alone.

  • Jennifer Person (’96)


Read widely. Work hard. Have fun. Read a lot. Be kind. Remember that this is life – right now, not sometime in the future. Oh, and read.

  • Mark Elison Hoversten, PhD (’73)


Don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to ask the dumb questions. Not knowing something you’ve never had the opportunity or reason to learn doesn’t make you dumb. What is dumb is making mistakes on something when you could have easily asked a question that would have prevented it.

  • Jeff Wig (’82)


Remember that your CLC diploma is just the foundation of a lifetime of learning. Each day will bring some new challenge or opportunity. If you view the challenge as an opportunity, your journey in life will be an enjoyable one!

  • Pat Lunemann (’79)


Be yourself, trust your instincts, and… don’t look back.

  • Barb Anderson (’72)


Your time as a butterfly has expired. Your wings are ready. Fly!

  • Jennifer Salvevold (‘13)


Carefully set high goals for tomorrow. Choose a loving path from today to tomorrow. Enjoy the love you have chosen.

  • Jerry Chandler (’60)


I have one word of advice that is so important, yet it’s not taught anywhere: Attitude. The right attitude will make you a success in life, the wrong one will drag you down. It’s all your choice.

  • Tony Fisher (’60)


Always look ahead, but do not forget what’s behind you.

  • Glenn Proudfoot (’91)


Never stop learning.  Take a short break.  You’ve earned it.  But then consider building upon what you’ve started with an industry certification or a bachelor’s degree.

  • Shane Fjerstad (’95)


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