Central Lakes College Testing Center

Central Lakes College Academic Testing Center

This is not a COVID-19 testing center. Masks are no longer required when coming to take your exam.

The CLC Testing Center conducts testing for ASE, BYU, CLEP, GED, PearsonVUE, PSI, etc. and is open for scheduling approximately 4 to 6 weeks out at any given time. Please see the appropriate testing entity to schedule your exam or, if you are unsure, please call and we can help direct you to the appropriate contact.

The Central Lakes College Testing Center provides testing services to our students and community. It is located in the Jon Hassler Library (E400) on the Brainerd campus and check in is in E408. Door #15 (Southeast parking lot) is the closest door to the testing location.

Fees vary depending on the exam. For some exams, payment for testing occurs at the time of registration. Other fees are due at the time of testing. Central Lakes College students and other Minnesota State students receive free test-proctoring services.

Testing Center Policies

  • All testers must show photo identification in order to take an exam. No exams can be taken without proper identification.
  • Testers will be asked to place their personal belongings in a secure area while they are being tested. Nothing can be taken into the testing room.
  • Please arrive at your scheduled testing time. Early or late testers may not be able to test, and late testers may need to reschedule. Drop-ins will be accommodated as time permits.
  • Each exam has a specific policy regarding scheduling or canceling, and there may be fees involved.
  • Cheating is not tolerated.
  • No eating or drinking in the testing rooms.
  • Testing accommodations for documented disabilities are available upon request. Note that these arrangements must be made at the time the test is scheduled.

Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and Thursday by prior arrangement.

Many new college students must take the Accuplacer to help with correct placement in college classes.  This test helps to determine the English, Reading and Mathematics courses that are the best fit. Check with our Assessment Center to determine whether you need to take the Accuplacer.

Central Lakes College Assessment Center Site

ASE: Automotive Service Excellence
ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service. ASE promotes excellence in the automotive service industry by certifying automotive service professionals.

Fees and Registration
Fees and registration information can be found online at the ASE web site listed below. Create an account at the website listed below. Central Lakes College is an ASE testing center. Schedule a test by calling the CLC Testing Center at 218.855.8265.

ASE Web Site

CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) Exams: Computer-based
The College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. There are 2,900 colleges that grant credit and/or advanced standing for CLEP exams. CLEP exams are offered on computer only. Study Guide information can be found at the CLEP web site listed below.

Fees and Registration
The fee for the exam is $89 plus a $20 non-refundable test administration fee.

CLEP exams are available by appointment. Register by going to the CLEP web site: www.clep.collegeboard.org or call the Testing Center at 218.855.8265 with questions.

College Credit
Check with the college identified as your score recipient about policies in granting credit or acceptance of a specific test. For information about tests accepted for Central Lakes College credit, please visit http://www.clcmn.edu/transfer-information/evaluation-of-prior-learning/

CLEP Web Site 

GED (College-Level Examination Program) Test: Computer-based

GED Testing Service (www.GED.com) is a joint venture between Pearson and the American Council on Education (ACE). GED Testing Service provides opportunities to transform lives, support families and build stronger communities. We offer any adult the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency credential in order be prepared for a better job, support his or her family, and realize dreams for a better life. All 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, U.S. insular areas, and Canadian provinces and territories use the GED® test to award high school equivalency credentials. Since 1942 more than 18 million adults have earned their GED® test credential. The GED Test has four subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning Through Language Arts.

Fees and Registration
Fees and registration information can be found online at the GED web site listed below.

Test Preparation
Create an account and you can purchase GED study materials and take a practice test. Access information on the test, step-by-step guidance, and tips for after you graduate.

Central Lakes College hosts an Adult Basic Education program that prepares students to take the GED.  You can find more information here: http://isd181.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=339636&pageId=1910064

GED Web Site

Kryterion Testing Solutions
Kryterion provides testing and certification for many industries.

Fees and Registration
Register and pay fees at the website listed below.  Fees vary depending on the test taken.

Kryterion Web Site

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE)
MINNESOTA TEACHER LICENSURE EXAMINATIONS (MTLE) exam is for people seeking teacher licensure. This exam must be taken before entering most education programs.

The Praxis 1 is now referred to as the Basic Skills Tests under the new Minnesota Teacher Licensing Exam. The exam is computer-based. All of the old Praxis 2 exams are now given new names under the MTLE program and will be offered only computer-based, with the exception of the World Languages exams. The Praxis exams still exist and are used by some states for licensing purposes. You will need to contact each state in which you are seeking licensing to see what their requirements are.

For detailed information and a fee schedule, please see the MTLE site.

MTLE Web Site

TEAS: Test of Basic Academic Skills
The Test of Essential Academic Skills must be taken by students who wish to enter a nursing program.

Fees and Registration
Fees, a study guide and registration information can be found online at the ATI web site listed below. Create an account at the website. Go to the Online Store and choose the TEAS. If the listed testing dates will not work, then check with the CLC Testing Center for alternate dates and times.

Test Preparation
Central Lakes College offers test preparation assistance at the Brainerd campus Learning Commons, located in the Jon Hassler Library. For more information, call the Learning Commons at 218.855.8158.

ATI Web Site

Contact Information

Photo First Name Last Name Position Department Phone Email Alt. Phone: URL wdt_ID
Aubrey Beadell Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8014 aubrey.beadell@clcmn.edu 1
Nick O'Reilly Occupational Skills Program College Lab Assistant OccupationalSkills 218-855-8077 Nicholas.oreilly@clcmn.edu 2
Kevin Lomax College Lab Assistant Automotive Faculty 218-855-8000 KLomax@clcmn.edu 3
Jody Flynn Accessibility Services Assistant Accessibility 218-855-8056 jody.flynn@clcmn.edu 5
Missy Tureson Box Office Assistant Theatre 218-855-8199 mtureson@clcmn.edu 6
Deana Bobzien Instructor CollegeCareerStudies - Mathematics - Supportive Services 218-855-8339 deana.bobzien@clcmn.edu 7
Brianna Rajkowski Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8228 brianna.rajkowski@clcmn.edu 8
Cynthia Dionysius AD Nursing Faculty NursingASDegree 218-855-8133 cindy.dionysius@clcmn.edu 9
Tajia Anderson PSEO Specialist Admissions - CollegeCreditInHighSchool- PSEO 218-855-8079 tajia.anderson@clcmn.edu 10
Tracy Tschida Instructor Psychology - CollegeCareerStudies 2188-855-8328 tracy.tschida@clcmn.edu 11
Mike Fitcher Adjunct Instructor MachineTool 218-855-8000 michael.fitcher@clcmn.edu 12
Brent Balmer Videography CLA Videography 218-855-8727 brent.balmer@clcmn.edu 13
David Gray Instructor History 218-855-8276 david.gray@clcmn.edu 14
Jim Nagy Adjunct Instructor GraphicDesign 218-855-8157 james.nagy@clcmn.edu 15
Brandon Schneider Instructor HeavyEquipment 218-894-5179 brandon.schneider@clcmn.edu 16
Natalia DePauw Director of Dual Enrollment Advising - PSEO - CollegeCreditInHighSchool 218-855-8263 natalia.depauw@clcmn.edu 18
Amy Disterhaupt Admissions Specialist Admissions 218-855-8250 amy.disterhaupt@clcmn.edu 20
Nick Heisserer Instructor BusinessFaculty - StudentLearningAssessment 218-855-8089 nick.heisserer@clcmn.edu https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/CentralLakesCollege6@MinnState.edu/bookings/ 21
Matthew Krueger Environmental Health and Safety Officer Maintenance 218-855-8115 matthew.krueger@clcmn.edu 22
Mark Lindquist Instructor Music 218-855-8236 mark.lindquist@clcmn.edu 23
Joy Larson Emergency Management and Security Coordinator Security 218-855-8143 joy.larson@clcmn.edu 24
Jeremy Goddard Bookstore/Print Shop Bookstore Supportive Services 218-855-8146 Jeremy.Goddard@clcmn.edu 25
Sarah Jennissen Instsructor NursingAssistant - PracticalNursing - TrainedMedicationAid 218-894-5308 sarah.jennissen@clcmn.edu 26
Kevin Lattu Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8117 kevin.lattu@clcmn.edu 27
Cash Robinson Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8076 cash.robinson@clcmn.edu 28
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