Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate appropriate class level oral or expressive World Language skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of cultural values, norms and traditions per specific World Language, and will demonstrate basic understanding that these differences have an impact on group relationships and interactions.
  • Demonstrate appropriate class level receptive and/or written World Language skills.
  • Demonstrate appropriate cultural rules of interaction when conversing in the target language.

Special Department Information:

Students may elect to complete a certificate in Latin American Studies that will enrich their understanding and appreciation of Latin American culture, communication, language, music, and art. This program is appropriate for citizens in an increasingly diverse society and for individuals entering or currently employed in positions in education, business, criminal justice, and other occupations where an understanding of Hispanic culture enhances their abilities in the workplace. Students will have an opportunity to study the cultural, historical, political, economic, religious, and social realities of Mexico, Central, and South America to gain a better understanding of the Hispanic impact on the United States and the growing Latino population in Minnesota.

SPAN 1402  Beginning Spanish II (4 cr)
SPAN 2401  Intermediate Spanish I (4 cr)
SPAN 2404  Intermediate Spanish II (4 cr)
SPAN 2420  Many Faces of Mexico (3 cr)
SPAN 2425  Cultures of Latin America (3 cr)


Program Information: Learning a second language has become a key educational component for career and personal enhancement in the global economy. Regardless of the major that you choose, adding Spanish will enhance your job opportunities and add to your scope of intercultural understanding as our country evolves demographically and linguistically. The CLC Spanish Department offers beginning and intermediate level language classes. Students are encouraged to meet with instructors or inquire about the CLEP test if uncertain about entry level of study.

Career Opportunities: Spanish is the second language of this country. Therefore, being bilingual will be a major asset in any career you choose to pursue.


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