Physical Education

Physical Education

Department Description: Today’s students will represent the first generation ever to have a lifespan shorter than that of their parents, unless current diet and exercise habits change. So says the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Courses in Physical Education provide co-educational opportunities to advance one’s fitness as well as acquire knowledge and skills associated with athletics, athleticism, and team sports. The schedule endeavors to afford students season-oriented activities that are able to make use of facilities and outdoor environments, from weight rooms and dance floors to our area’s magnificent golf courses and cross-country ski trails. Varsity sports, which earn the participant one credit per season, provide intercollegiate athletic competition as a higher education platform to further one’s competitive abilities and, in some cases, pursuit of professional athletic status.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of how to improve their own level of fitness.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the health benefits of exercise.
  • Demonstrate skills related to the practice of a sport/activity.

Special Department Information: Entrance to any of the college’s intercollegiate athletics programs requires passage of a physical examination.

Career Opportunities: Some graduates from the two-year college continue studies as undergraduates in Physical Education degree programs of universities. They become professional athletes, athletic trainers, sports officials, administrators, adaptive PE instructors and coaches, sports facility managers, and certified fitness trainers. Median wage for athletic trainers is $32,990 per year, for coaches and scouts: $26,740 per year. College and professional coaches usually have a bachelor’s degree, and some have a master’s degree. In addition, most have many years of experience playing and then coaching their sport. Most have worked their way up through the coaching ranks.

Career Titles: Personal Trainer, Corporate Fitness Instructor, Activities Director, Nutrition Specialist, Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor, Cruise Recreation Director, Health/Fitness Consultant, Occupation Exercise Scientist, Camp Director, Professional Sports Umpire, Professional Sports Scout, Spa/Health Club Manager


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