Department Description: Chemistry is a study of matter and all its interactions. It is central to our understanding of various disciplines such as biology, geology, materials science, medicine, physics and many branches of engineering. Chemistry and chemicals play a major role in our economy and affect our daily lives in a wide variety of ways. A course in chemistry can help you see how a scientist thinks about the world and how to solve problems. Knowledge and skills developed in chemistry will benefit you in many career paths and will help you become a better-informed citizen in a world that is becoming more technologically complex and interesting.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Formulate and test hypotheses by performing laboratory, simulation, or field experiments in natural science disciplines.
  • Demonstrate understanding of scientific theories and the ways in which scientists develop, express, and question theories in the field of chemistry.
  • Communicate their findings, analyses, and interpretations with other students and the instructor orally and in writing.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Solve problems using dimensional analysis.
  • Master a broad set of factual chemical knowledge.
  • Follow procedures, record data, and analyze experimental results.

Transfer Opportunities: Courses taken in chemistry will help develop your problem solving skills—a talent that is highly valued in today’s workplace. In addition, chemistry courses are required for almost all scientific and medical careers. And although technology continues to change at a rapid pace, the basic principles and concepts of chemistry remain the same. As a result, the knowledge and skills acquired in chemistry courses never become outdated and can transfer from one field of technology to another when making career choices or transitions.

Career Opportunities: Chemistry majors have career opportunities in research labs, teaching positions, environmental fields, pharmaceuticals or entrance into pharmacy or medical school.

Career Titles: Research Assistant, Lab Assistant, Analytical Chemistry Technician, Production Chemist, Quality Control Chemist, Chemical Sales, Environmental Chemist, Chemistry Instructor


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