6.9 Posting Policy

6.9 Posting Policy

Purpose: For purposes of maintaining an orderly environment and ensuring the use of college spaces for college purposes, only Central Lakes College students, staff, faculty, clubs, organizations, and departments may post informational signage in designated locations on the CLC Campuses.

Digital Signs: Digital signs are for Central Lakes College internal use only.

Posting Procedures for General College bulletin boards (please note: departmental bulletin boards do not apply to this policy).
1. Flyers and posters must be stamped by the Campus Information and Services Center Staff.
2. All content on flyers and posters must be in alignment with CLC policies, procedures, mission, vision, and values.
3. Individuals who wish to post flyers on campus must post their own flyers.
4. Flyers may be posted only in designated areas for up to one month after the original posting date.
5. Designated areas are approved bulletin boards on campus or a location with an approved exception by the CLC Student Conduct Officer
6. Limit one unique flyer per bulletin board/designated areas.
7. Only Maintenance and Security staff are allowed to remove postings from approved or non-approved areas.
8. Flyers posted in undesignated areas will be removed and disposed of by maintenance or security staff
9. Flyers may be no bigger than 11X17 inches

Appeals to posting policy: Disputes/concerns or appeals for exceptions related to the campus posting policy shall be brought to the CLC Student Conduct Officer for mediation/decision making.

Community Signage: Non CLC organizations may post signage in the Community Resources Bulletin Board and must follow all posting procedures previously mentioned.

Temporary Signs: Temporary/directional signs may be posted for special events/circumstances no more than 24 hours before and after the event without the requirement for the sign to be stamped. Temporary signs may only be posted on metal, glass, wood, or plastic fixtures around campus. Removal is the responsibility of the temporary sign owner.

Disclaimer: Central Lakes College does not take responsibility for the contents of posters, handbills, flyers, or other written material posted at the College.

Date of implementation/Presidential Approval: 1/1/ 2015
Date of last review: 1/6/2021

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