5.25 Policy Development, Review & Approval Policy and Procedure

5.25 Policy Development, Review & Approval Policy and Procedure

Part 1. Purpose
For effective communications and the orderly regulation of operations, Central Lakes College has an established process for the development, review and approval of all policies. These policies will guide the operations of all aspects of the college.

Part 2. Policy
Important areas of college operations will be governed by clear, collaboratively-developed policies and procedures. Policies will follow a logical development process, with opportunities for comment and input afforded to affected campus groups, including faculty, staff and students. The process will culminate in approval by the President.

Subpart A. Communication
All college policy will be posted to a single website and communicated to the college community as new or revised policies are developed. The policy index will mirror MN State’s numbering system and all policies will be formatted using MN State’s policy template.

Subpart B. Responsibility
Responsibility for policy development will be delegated to those with expertise in the area affected with responsibility assigned to the appropriate administrator.

Part 3. Procedure
Policies will be numbered according to the following system and responsibility assigned to the administrator(s) as listed below:
• Chapter 1B: Equal Education and Employment Opportunity
o Director of Human Resources, Dean of Students, Equity & Inclusion and the Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Success
• Chapter 1C: Code of Conduct & Ethics
o Vice President of Administrative Services and Director of Human Resources
• Chapter 2 – Students
o Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Success and Director of Enrollment Services
• Chapter 3 – Educational Policies
o Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and Academic and Student Affairs Deans
• Chapter 4 – Human Resources
o Director of Human Resources
• Chapter 5 – Administration
o Vice President of Administrative Services
• Chapter 6 – Facilities Management
o Vice President of Administrative Services
• Chapter 7 – General Finance Provisions
o Vice President of Administrative Services
• Chapter 8 – College Relations
o Foundation Director

Subpart A. Policy Initiation, Development and Approval
Policy development may be initiated by the assigned administrator, his/her designee, or by a college committee or informal group.
1.1 Other employees or groups may request that a policy be developed in an area of perceived need by submitting a written request to the administrator assigned to that area.
1.2 Policy development will proceed according to the following sequence:

a. A new policy or policy revision is requested by an administrator, employee or group.
b. The policy form and number are issued by the Office of the President.
c. The policy is assigned to the appropriate author(s), or designee, according to the chart above.
d. A draft is prepared with input from committee(s) or other personnel with expertise.
e. The draft is returned to the policy author(s) and then shared via email with the college community and Student Senate (for policies affecting students) whose members will have an opportunity to provide feedback for a period of 2 weeks.
f. Concurrently, the policy is forwarded to the Administrative Team and the Executive Team for review and comment.
g. Input from the college community and groups listed above will be compiled and reviewed by the policy author(s). Policies of an academic nature and feedback from the review process will be sent to the AASC for review. College-wide policies and feedback from the review process will be sent to Shared Governance for review.
h. The proposal and AASC or Shared Governance feedback will be forwarded to the policy author(s) for finalization.
i. The final version of the policy will be prepared by the assigned administrator and forwarded to the President for final approval. Approval is announced and reflected in Shared Governance Council meeting minutes.
j. The Office of the President will distribute the finalized policy to the college community.
k. The Office of the President will forward the finalized policy to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations to be posted on the college’s policy website. Policies affecting students will be posted to the Student Handbook as well.

Subpart B. Policy Review
The President or designee will establish procedures to ensure that each policy is reviewed at least once every five years. The policy shall be reviewed to determine whether it is needed, that it is current and complete, not duplicative or contradictory to other policies, and is consistent with style and formatting requirements.

1.1 Administrators are expected to keep current with changes to MN State policy as well as State and Federal regulations in their assigned areas and forward proposed revisions to college policy in a timely manner.
1.2 All policies will include dates of approval and dates of any subsequent revisions.
1.3 The President has the authority to approve revisions without further approval to ensure compliance due to changes in Federal or State laws or MN State regulations.

Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval: 10/24/2001
Date of last review: 1/28/2021

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