5.22.4 Faculty, Staff, Student E-Mail Procedures

5.22.4 Faculty, Staff, Student E-Mail Procedures

Purpose: Central Lakes College has designated the college-issued e-mail account as the official method of communication with students regarding academic, student service, or administrative topics. Central Lakes College may also send students text messages that do not contain nonpublic data. Students can opt out of text messages at any time by texting STOP.

The intent is to limit to official business the types of e-mails and texts the College sends out student-wide. The College may still disseminate official notices via other methods. This policy is not intended to prohibit students from communicating with CLC via any other e-mail accounts.

College Obligations
1. The College shall use the college-issued e-mail account to communicate with students officially. The College may also use text messaging to communicate with students, provided those texts do not contain nonpublic data. Faculty are highly encouraged to share this information in their course syllabi with their students.  
2. The College shall provide students with on-campus access to computers with internet capabilities.
3. The College shall not lease or sell student e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
4. The College shall proactively block unsolicited, bulk e-mail messages to college-issued e-mail accounts.

E-mail Assignment and Maintenance
1. Upon initial registration, all students shall be assigned an official CLC e-mail account.
2. If a student has not registered for classes for three consecutive semesters, the student’s e-mail account will be deleted.
3. The College will use phone numbers provided by students during the application process or student-initiated updates to text students. Students can opt out of receiving CLC text messages by texting STOP anytime.

Student Obligations
1. Students are responsible for reading and responding to official college notices.
2. Students are responsible for complying with the appropriate use of e-mail per MinnState Board Policy 5.22.1 Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources and Central Lakes College Student Conduct Code.
3. Students are expected to check their e-mail frequently and consistently to stay current with college-related communications.
4. Students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be time critical. For example, “I didn’t check my e-mail,” errors in forwarding mail, or e-mails returned to the College with “mailbox full” or “User Unknown” are examples of unacceptable reasons for missing official College e-mail communications.
5. Upon registration, students will be provided information on how to access their CLC e-mail.
6. Students are responsible for opting out of receiving text messages by replying STOP.


For Minnesota State College and Universities (MinnState), policies and procedures go to https://www.minnstate.edu/board/policy/index.html



Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval:  3/30/2009

Date of last review:  11/11/2022

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