5.15 – Fund Raising Policy & Procedures

5.15 – Fund Raising Policy & Procedures

To advance the mission of Central Lakes College, raising funds from other sources is an essential activity that supplements other revenue sources, which are state appropriations and student tuition and fees. Therefore, planning and coordination are critical for effective and successful fundraising activities. To ensure maximum fundraising, the Central Lakes College Foundation will coordinate fundraising conducted on behalf of or using the College’s name. College resources and its students may be used only for purposes related to the College’s mission.

Student activity fees must be used for “student activities” as defined by law: “Student activities” means lectures, concerts, and other functions contributing to the mental, moral, and cultural development of the student body and community in which they live, athletic activities, including intercollegiate contests, forensics, dramatics, and such other activities of any nature as in the opinion of the board of trustees contribute to the educational, cultural, or physical wellbeing of the student body.


A. The Central Lakes College Foundation Executive Director, from now on referred to as “Director,” will coordinate all fundraising projects.

B. The Director will establish operational procedures to effectively and efficiently coordinate fundraising activities on behalf of Central Lakes College.

C. Fundraising includes activities that solicit requests regarding, but not limited to, cash (or pledges relative to), sponsorships, securities, in-kind gifts, and planned or deferred gifts.

D. Gifts must be given and accepted consistent with the mission and purposes of Central Lakes College and the Central Lakes College Foundation.

E. Fundraising is subject, but is not limited, to the following basic procedures:


1. College employees, student organizations & clubs, or any group or person intending to raise funds on behalf of the College or using the college name must first acquire the approval of the Director before initiating a fundraising project, as further defined in these operational procedures.

2. If the fundraising project targets specific donors, organizations, and businesses, the Director must approve or disapprove solicitation from these persons or organizations before any contact is made.

3. Only the Central Lakes College Foundation, or its designee(s), may accept the following gifts: cash (or pledges relative to), sponsorships, securities, in-kind gifts, planned or deferred gifts, equipment, or real property on behalf of the College. The Central Lakes College Foundation will accept gifts according to its bylaws and procedures in accordance with approval from the College. All gifts and grants over $50,000 shall be reported to the MinnState Board of Trustees.

4. Students, employees, organizations, clubs, and groups on campus that wish to engage in a fundraising activity or solicitation must complete a Fundraising Activity Approval Form. These forms will be available through the CLC Foundation office, Club/Organization Advisor, or on the web and must be submitted with all required signatures two weeks before any solicitation or expense activity related to the fundraiser.

a) The form must be completed and submitted to the Foundation Director and include a list of those businesses, individuals, and organizations you will solicit in your fundraising campaign. Incomplete or untimely requests will be denied.
b) If a raffle is planned as part of the fundraiser, please submit the Fundraising Activity Approval Form to the Foundation Director a minimum of 10 weeks before the designated drawing date.

5. State law requires that all funds be deposited with the college business office daily. The activity’s expenses must be encumbered before making purchases according to state law.

6. The names and addresses of any business, individual, or entity that donates items must be submitted to the Resource Development/Foundation Office within ten days of the donation receipt.

7. All requests for gifts shall be made within the ethical business, professional and philanthropic promotional practices to avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest in the present or future relationships.

8. All donors shall be treated fairly and equitably with respect to recognition for their gifts or grants accepted by the College Foundation. The Foundation Office will be responsible for all gift acknowledgments.

9. If the fundraising activity or solicitation is deemed to be in conflict with the fundraising program and activities of the Office of Resource Development & Foundation, the Director of Resource Development will meet with the group or individuals to resolve the conflict and reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Link to CLC Fundraising Approval Form

Date of Implementation/Presidential Approval: 4/1/2011
Date of last review: 11/9/2022

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