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The Bent Pine Journal

Submissions will begin on November 30, 2022 for the 2023 journal! The deadline is Friday, March 10, 2023. Please submit here after reading the guidelines below!


CLC’s Bent Pine received “Best Magazine Award” 1st Place Central Region, Small Colleges for 2021 from the Community College Humanities Association! We also received 2nd place for 2020 and 3rd place for 2023! Congratulations to all of the students in Bent Pine Journal Club and to all of our published writers and artists!

Bent Pine 2023 will be printed and published by May 1, 2023. Everyone published receives 1 copy!


We are proud to present Bent Pine, a journal of art and writing by CLC’s students, faculty, and staff–created by the Bent Pine Journal Club in conjunction with the Graphic Design program, English department, and Art department! 

View the 2020 Bent Pine Journal (pdf)

The Bent Pine was made possible through a Mini Grant from the Central Lakes College Foundation and through Cultural Arts and Club funding from the CLC Student Life Committee.

Hard copies of this journal are distributed to each student, faculty member, or staff member published in its pages.

Please contact club advisor Brandy Lindquist at with any questions.

What is the Bent Pine?
The Bent Pine is a full color, hardcopy journal that seeks to illuminate the creative talents of students, staff, and faculty across Central Lakes College (Staples, Brainerd, and Online). We are an outlet for any shy artist, developing writer, or proud poet. We want to emphasize and publish your creative work, which deserves a professional and public outlet like The Bent Pine. It will be published every spring.

Who is the Bent Pine?
There is a Bent Pine Journal club devoted to putting out this journal yearly, including students across a wide range of disciplines. These students do all the work, with some help from faculty and staff. This includes getting submissions, selecting submissions (blind), promoting the club/journal, planning and hosting the spring event, and fundraising to sustain and budget for the project from year to year.

How will works be selected?
We will publish a select number of pieces of writing and art for each annual issue through a blind selection process. We will contact everyone who submits work by the end of March.

When will the Bent Pine be published?
The Bent Pine will be published toward the end of spring semester, and there will be an event to showcase student work at that time—including a reading and, sometimes, an exhibit.


What kind of writing can I submit and how?

  • 1) poetry, 2) short fiction/drama/screenplays, and 3) nonfiction essays or essayettes
  • Students/staff/faculty may submit in one or more of these three categories
  • Students/staff/faculty may submit up to 5 single-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman pages in each of these three categories (for poetry, 1 poem per page)
  • Names must be removed from all pieces
  • Documents should be submitted as .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf. (no PDFs)
  • Documents should be proofread/edited prior to submission
  • Each different writing piece should be submitted separately

 What kind of art can I submit and how?

  • Photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, ceramics, sculpture (including woods & metals)
  • Students/staff/faculty may submit in more than one category
  • Students/staff/faculty may submit up to 10 art pieces total
  • If possible, names should be removed from pieces, or blurred (if impossible, that’s okay!)
  • Please take a high-quality photo of each piece and submit each separately
  • Please ensure that photos have a blank/clean background and capture the whole art piece
  • Ideally, photos should be submitted in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png
  • Ideally, photos should be submitted with minimum resolution of 300 dpi/ppi
  • If you are submitting a 3D artwork and would like more than one image submitted to capture different angles, please submit a separate form for each image, but you may still submit up to 10 different pieces overall
  • Each different art piece should be submitted separately

What do I get if my work is accepted?

  • Your writing and/or art featured in a full color literary and arts publication, the Bent Pine
  • An invitation to the spring release party reading/exhibit
  • Your writing and/or art featured (possibly) at the spring release party reading/exhibit
  • Official publishing experience that you can now include in your resume or portfolio
  • $100 awards will be given to 3 selected writing pieces and 3 selected art pieces

How do I submit my writing and/or art?
The first time you submit, you’ll create a free account using Submittable (see links above!); this great tool will allow you to track your submissions. If you are submitting more than one piece of writing or art or both, you’ll complete the form again for each separate piece.

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