Applications in Farm Business Management Certificate

Applications in Farm Business Management Certificate

Program Information

The primary emphasis of the Farm Business Management Program is to assist farm families in meeting their business and personal goals through quality farm records and sound business decisions. This program is primarily taught at the student’s place of business, but classroom and group instruction are also very important. Individualized instruction is used to the fullest extent. Students are enrolled in the program on a continuous, part-time basis. Normal credit load is 10 credits per year, for the equivalent of 1/3 of a full-time college student. The instructor visits the farm on a regular basis and understands the strengths and weaknesses of each student’s business. Developing a set of sound farm records is the basis for the program. Primarily, computerized accounting is used to handle the complex records, which must be kept in an efficient farm business. At the close of the calendar year, these records are summarized by the instructor and a computerized business analysis is prepared for each student to show how well his/her business did financially during the year. Each student also receives an area Farm Business Analysis Summary, which allows them to compare their information with averages of other Farm Business Management students (farmers) in their local area and around the state. The Farm Business Management Program offering consists of four certificate programs. The first three certificate programs are 30 credits in length. These three programs include Essentials of Farm Business Management, Applications in Farm Business Management, and Advanced Farm Business Management. The fourth certificate option is the Marketing Certificate, consisting of 25 credits.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Maintain accurate records regularly.
  • Complete business analysis annually.
  • Complete accurate balance sheets annually or as needed.
  • Complete business planning annually and strategically.
  • Continue in business after completing award area(s).

Special Program Requirements

The Farm Business Management Program is designed for business owners, managers, and key employees of farm and agricultural business. In addition, individuals in the process of starting a farm or agricultural business may also enroll.


The Farm Business Management Program is primarily offered as individualized instruction at the business. Classroom instruction is also offered on a limited basis. Normal credit load is 10 credits per year, for the equivalent of 1/3 of a full-time college student.

Employment Statistics

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Program Course Requirements

Required Courses (24 credits)
FBMT 2141  Interpreting and Evaluating Financial Data, 4 cr
FBMT 2142  Interpreting Trends in Business Planning, 4 cr
FBMT 2151  Strategies in Farm System Data Management, 4 cr
FBMT 2152  Integrating System Information for Financial Planning, 4 cr
FBMT 2161  Examination of the Context of Farm System Management, 4 cr
FBMT 2162  Refining Farm System Management, 4 cr

Electives (6 credits)
Student must choose an additional 6 credits from the following:

FBMT 1233 Application of Productive Enterprise Information, 2 cr
FBMT 2203 Special Topics-General Farm Management, 1 cr
FBMT 2204 Special Topics-General Farm Management, 1 cr
FBMT 2210 Special Topics-Marketing, 1 cr
FBMT 2211 Special Topics-Marketing, 1 cr
FBMT 2222 Special Topics-Crops, 1 cr
FBMT 2224 Special Topics-Crops, 1 cr
FBMT 2228 Special Topics-Crops, 2 cr
FBMT 2229 Special Topics-Crops, 2 cr
FBMT 2233 Special Topics-Livestock, 1 cr
FBMT 2234 Special Topics-Livestock, 1 cr
FBMT 2235 Special Topics-Livestock, 2 cr
FBMT 2236 Special Topics-Livestock, 2 cr
FBMT 2237 Special Topics-Livestock, 2 cr
FBMT 2238 Special Topics-Livestock, 2 cr
FBMT 2253 System Plans and Projections, 2 cr
FBMT 2310 Environmental Interactions in Agriculture, 2 cr
FBMT 2325 Ethics in this Business of Agriculture, 2 cr


Program Instructors

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