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On November 9 – 11 2018, Central Lakes College employees will be migrating to the Minnesota State Office 365 Single Tenant.  This will move employees into the same Office 365 tenant as CLC students and other Minnesota State employees/students.  The product and software we use will stay the same – we’re just moving into the same “group” as the rest of Minn State.  This will enable enhanced content sharing and collaboration for all stakeholders.  Most existing content (e-mail, files, etc.) will automatically migrate to the new accounts.  However, there are some limitations and exceptions noted below that employees should be aware of.

Current Status

Complete (You may now log into Office 365 with <StarID@minnstate.edu.  Let us know if you run into any issues.)

What’s New & Different

  • Employee’s login username will change from <StarID>@clcmn.edu to <StarID>@minnstate.edu
  • Employees will no longer have to log in separately to access System Office SharePoint sites hosted at https://mnscu.sharepoint.com/sites/
  • Employees will receive a new primary e-mail address.  The format will be: firstname.lastname@clcmn.edu.  You will still receive e-mail at your old address, but new e-mails sent after migration will come from the new address.
  • The Address Book will now contain users and distribution lists from other campuses within Minn State.  CLC’s distribution lists will be prefixed with CLC-.  For example, the All Employees distribution list will become CLC-All Employees.

Things To Do Before And After The Migration

Prepare for the migration After the migration
  • Backup personal e-mail distribution lists (How To)
  • Make screenshot or copy of inbox rules and forwarding setting
  • Backup e-mail signature (How To)
  • Make a backup of any Flow, Forms (How To), Stream, Sway, Video content

Application/Function Migration Plan

Application/Function Name Migration Capabilities Notes
Outlook Auto-Migrate E-Mail Mailbox content is migrated, but forwarding rules must be recreated.  If using full Outlook client, users must update login credentials with their new <StarID>@minnstate.edu username after migration.
Calendar Auto-Migrate
People Auto-Migrate Personal contacts migrate, but personal e-mail groups/distribution lists do not.
Tasks Auto-Migrate
To-Do Auto-Migrate
E-mail forwarding and inbox rules Self-Migrate Employees will need to re-establish their forwarding and inbox rules manually
OneDrive Auto-Migrate Content migrates, permissions remain, existing shared links will need to be reestablished.  If using OneDrive agent, users must update login credentials with their new <StarID>@minnstate.edu username after migration.
Skype for Business Not available Skype Contacts and groups do not migrate.  Must recreate groups after migration.  Links for Skype meetings must be recreated.  If using Skype for Business client, users must update login credentials with their new <StarID>@minnstate.edu username after migration.
Yammer Not available Yammer is not available in the Minn State Single Tenant
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Auto-migrate* *If content is in OneDrive
Flow, Forms, Stream, Sway, Video Self-Migrate Export/Save content and upload after migration
Delve, Dynamics 365, Planner, Staff Hub, Bookings Not available Users must re-create content if using any of these apps

Time Line

Monday 11/5/2018 Initial migration of E-Mail content begins.  Another migration pass will take place on 11/11 to pick up changes between 11/5 and 11/11.

Wednesday 11/7/2018 6:00 PM – OneDrive/SharePoint FREEZE – Migration of OneDrive and SharePoint content begins.  Do not make any OneDrive or SharePoint changes between this date and Sunday 11/11.  You can access (read) content, but any changes/edits made during this time may not be migrated to new Single Tenant.

Friday 11/9/2018 6:00 PM – FREEZE DATE – E-Mail delivery stops and migration of services begins.  Do not log in to Office 365 between this time and Sunday 11/11.

Sunday 11/11/2018 – Migration scheduled to be complete.  Status will be updated at the top of this page when Single Tenant access is ready for use.


Technology Reference Guide (Login information for various systems)


Do I need to reprint my business cards with my new e-mail address?

There is no need to reprint your business cards right away.  Your old e-mail address will continue to work indefinitely, and you’ll receive e-mail at both the new and old address in your account.  Our recommendation is to update your e-mail address the next time you have your business cards printed.


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