Zero or Low Textbook Cost Classes at CLC

Central Lakes College offers a Z-Degree Associate of Arts.  A Z-Degree is a zero-textbook-cost degree. This means that a student can earn an A.A. without buying a textbook. Any CLC student can take Z-Degree classes, and students may take as many Z-Degree classes as desired or available.

Some instructors choose to use an Open Educational Resource (OER) instead of a commercial textbook. For more information about OER, see OER and Zero Textbook Cost Courses at Central Lakes College

Zero or Low Textbook Cost Course Guide – Summer 2019

Zero or Low Textbook Cost Course Guide – Fall 2019

Zero or Low Textbook Cost Course Guide – Technical Programs Fall 2019


  • Any qualifying student may seek a Z-degree. There is no special application process. Students simply register for Z-degree classes as desired/available.
  • See an advisor. Find more information
  • Materials can be viewed on the web at no cost.
  • Materials may be downloaded to a phone or other personal device.
  • In some cases, materials can be printed at our on-campus printshop – ask your instructor about a particular class.
  • Sure! Z-Degree classes are regular classes that do not require students to purchase a textbook.
  • You save money because you do not have to buy a textbook.
  • Students may take a class if they meet the prerequisites.
  • There may be a charge for class supplies such as a notebook, clay, yoga mat or tools.


Central Lakes College Open Educational Resources

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