Department Description: Onstage or backstage, students in the CLC Theatre Department have the opportunity to be heavily involved from their first day on campus. There are numerous classes in: performance (acting, directing, children’s theatre, creative dramatics, improvisation) technical theatre and theatre studies (introduction to theatre, stage to screen, theatre history). Students have the opportunity to travel in-state or to New York or to London with travel study courses in The Theatre Experience. What’s learned in the classroom is taken directly to the stage with CLC Theatre’s production program. The theatre serves as a cultural hub for the Brainerd Lakes area, and enjoys a 40+ year tradition of providing year-round theatre entertainment.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of performance, not limited to these skills: proper stage terminology, basic movement, basic vocal production, and basic script analysis.
  • Make thoughtful performance choices that reflect artistic, practical, and creative considerations.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the evolution of theatre from ancient Greek through contemporary times.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the major historic and contemporary forms of dramatic literature, including representative playwrights and plays.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of critical standards to be applied to the various elements of theatrical production.


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