Star Alert Emergency Notification

CLC Star Alert Emergency Notification

Central Lakes College is announcing the launch of our new Star Alert notification system, Blackboard Connect. The new system will allow us to send Star Alert messages (including weather related communication) within minutes to all CLC students and employees via telephone, e-mail, and SMS (text message). Star Alert will be used to send time-sensitive campus wide notifications and will support our emergency preparedness procedures.  More information about Blackboard Connect may be found


The methods in which you received this launch message are how you will receive all future Star Alert messages.  If you want to change how your receive alerts please do the following:

If you need to edit or add to your contact information for receiving Star Alert messages, visit the CLC Blackboard Connect Star Alert portal at and click the “Sign Me Up” tab (see attached pdf document for instructions).  You will need your Star ID and your College Email Address to create your Portal Account. Once you have set up your account in the portal you will be able to add email addresses, phone numbers, and SMS/text messaging numbers where you want to receive Star Alert messages.  You will NOT be able to edit your CLC e-mail address or your permanent phone number in the portal. If you have trouble signing into the portal, you can receive help by contacting the Student Services at 218.855.8000 or by email​.

Staying informed and safe 
Messages are brief, spam-free and advertiser free, only to be sent in case of an emergency. Notifications identified as “Star Alert”
messages will note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, you are to take, and where to find more information.

Star Alert will announce if a campus is closed. Star Alert is offered in addition to college emergency notification through CLC student Email, campus closed-circuit TV, and the CLC website.

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