CLC Foundation

Who We Are
Central Lakes College Foundation is a registered, non-profit organization committed to helping Central Lakes College maintain its high academic standing and enhancing the educational life of its students. In 1968, the foundation was established as an independent entity to solicit, receive, and administer gifts, grants, and bequests on behalf of the college. The foundation is governed by a volunteer board of community leaders who make all the financial decisions in regards to managing and accepting donations.

We believe in the value of an education and the opportunities knowledge brings. Our goal is to be a major force in providing opportunities for students to improve their lives through higher education, employment, personal living, and better quality of life. We strive to increase resources, raise funds, and nourish students of promise who with determination and perseverance transform their lives through education.

What We Do
Today, the benefits of higher education are beyond reach for too many. More than 75% of Central Lakes College students need financial assistance to attend college. Many students are working full-time, supporting families, and trying to make ends meet. At the same time, programs suffer from reduced public funding and face challenges in acquiring resources and equipment to stay current in their fields. That’s where the Central Lakes College Foundation comes in.

We help students access education by awarding scholarships and building the capacity of the college to provide vital educational opportunities for our community. We recognize students’ academic achievements and provide support in a variety of ways, from scholarships for tuition and books to one-time emergency grants through our Random Acts of Kindness program. In addition, the foundation is proud to support Central Lakes College’s programs and disciplines which result in direct benefits to all students.

During the 2013-14 academic year, Central Lakes College Foundation awarded over $304,000 in scholarships. The foundation has awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships to students in the last 5 years. Students who receive a scholarship often tell us that while the financial assistance was important, the fact that someone believed and invested in them with a scholarship affirmed their determination to succeed in completing their college education.

Also, during the last fiscal year, Central Lakes College Foundation contributed over $98,000 to the college to benefit its programs and activities. We also accepted over $319,000 in non-cash donations providing much needed program equipment and materials to better assist students to learn and grow in their careers.

The Central Lakes College Foundation sincerely appreciates the generous support from friends of the college. With your support, Central Lakes College students can afford an education, and their experience here, made stronger by your gifts, will help them have great careers, building stronger communities and a better world.

Tell Us Your Story
The impact of private support can be seen throughout the Brainerd and Staples campuses, the local communities, and beyond. If you are a donor or the beneficiary of a scholarship, you are part of this legacy. To share why you chose to give or how private support has influenced your life, we invite you to Tell Us Your Story.

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