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Are you drawn to books? Do you hear music in words? You may be an English major. English courses are not, however, just for those who major in English. The skills acquired in our courses are core skills—reading, remembering what you read, and writing, about both what you’ve read and what you’ve experienced. Some benefits that come from taking English courses, like learning how to read and write better, are obvious. Other less obvious benefits, like cultivating empathy and developing a deeper understanding of human experience, are just as important in our personal and professional lives.

Poetry, American Literature, Practical Writing, Mythology, and Composition I are great fun—our instructors make sure of that. However, the courses our department offers also enrich the mind and spirit while preparing students for professional expectations. Employers value clear communication and analytical thinking and often hire and promote individuals who possess these skills. Our courses will give you an edge. You’ll also visit new worlds—in the pages of books, and in yourself.

Our department is dedicated to expanding literary opportunities for the college and community members in central Minnesota. We host first-class literary events such as the Verse Like Water poetry series featuring internationally known poets Li-Young Lee, Naomi Shihab Nye, Richard Blanco, Billy Collins, and others. In addition, students have an opportunity to submit their best poems, short stories, and essays to an annual writing contest, judged by professional writers from around the state.

Department Information

Department Description: The study of English means discovering the dynamic process of writing and the influential impact of literature on human thought. The English Department offers a variety of writing and literature courses that create opportunities for students to apply creative and analytical insight to various rhetorical situations. Faculty members guide writers and readers from the initial stages of discovery to the final steps of drafting cohesive, logical, and intelligent texts. A strong background in writing and literature assures that students possess skills necessary to succeed personally, academically, and professionally today and in the future.

Department Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Choose, develop, and support a thesis, producing a unified and coherent oral or written text that demonstrates awareness of purpose and audience and uses standard edited English.
  • Utilize research tools, use correct and appropriate documentation format, and properly cite credible sources.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the implications of cultural and historical contexts in literature.

Special Department Information: Students are strongly advised to take English 1410 in the first semester and English 1411 in the second semester, as instruction in expository and research writing will promote success in other classes.

Click here for a complete listing of English course offerings.

Career Titles: Advertising Copywriter, Computer Instructional Designer, Copy Editor or Editorial Assistant, Corporate Communications Specialist, Freelance Writer, Publications Researcher, Radio/Television Copywriter, Journalist, Technical Writer, Secondary School Teacher, Professor


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Julie Austin

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Ryan Deblock

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Leane Flynn

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Matthew Fort

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Jeff Johnson

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Adam Marcotte

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Kate Porter

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James Rutledge

English Instructor
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