Employee Directory

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Sarah Kath

Philosophy Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8008
Brainerd E336
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Susan Kavanaugh

Music Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8258
Brainerd E448
rebekah kent

Rebekah Kent

Dean of Career and Technical Programs
Phone: 218-855-8067
Dual C167
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Tiffany Klaphake

Ag Program Coordinator
Phone: 218-894-5141
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Jeff Klehr

Diesel Mechanics Instructor
Phone: 218-894-5146
Staples D110
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Shannon Klint

Spanish Instructor Online
Tracey Kloeckl-Jimenez

Tracey Kloeckl-Jimenez

Spanish Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8183
Brainerd E412
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Bruce Klopfleisch

Political Science Instructor Online
Phone: 218-546-3130
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Jonathan Knutson

Director of Business & Auxiliary Services
Phone: 218-855-8027
david kobilka

David Kobilka

Earth Science Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8233
Brainerd E214

Karina Kobliska

Practical Nursing Instructor
Phone: 218-894-5310

Jim Kocherer

FBM Instructor
Phone: 763-218-7030
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Rob Kolodziej

Biology Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8268
Brainerd E357

Julie Kroll

Phone: 218-894-5118
Staples Bookstore
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Matthew Krueger

Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Phone: 218-855-8115
Brainerd E217
martha kuehn

Martha Kuehn

Dean of Liberal Arts
Phone: 218-855-8221
Brainerd E225
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Teresa LaDoucer

Biology Lab Assistant
Phone: 218-855-8065
Brainerd E306
jonathan laflamme

Jonathan Laflamme

Music Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8215
Brainerd E465

Kristi Lane

Director of Human Resources
Phone: 218-855-8054
Brainerd C211
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Robert Lange

Robotics Instructor
Phone: 218-894-5144
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Lori Beth Larsen

English Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8237
Brainerd E407
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JJ Larson

Information Technology
Phone: 218-855-8064
Brainerd W122

Joy Larson

Emergency Management and Security Coordinator
Phone: 218-855-8143
Brainerd C124
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Stephen Larson

Child Development Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8112
Brainerd W129
kevin lattu

Kevin Lattu

Upward Bound Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8117
Brainerd E135
Jill Lechner

Jill Lechner

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8113
Brainerd W255
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DelRay Lecy

FBM Special Projects
Phone: 218-894-5196
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Brandy Lindquist

English Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8103
Brainerd E459
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Jackie Lindquist

Math Instructor Online
Phone: 612-940-8465
mark lindquist

Mark Lindquist

Music Instructor Guitar
Phone: 218-855-8236
Brainerd E457
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