Employee Directory

Cathy Boser

Student Billing, Payment Plans and Collections
Phone: 218-855-8202
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Kathy Boser

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8072
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Sue Bowman

Information Systems Specialist
Phone: 218-855-8044
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Diane Breitling

DARS / Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 218-894-5157
robert brekken

Robert Brekken

History Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8190
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Susan Bremer

Healthcare Admin Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8094
chris bremmer

Chris Bremmer

Web Services
Phone: 218-894-5176
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Joy Bridewell

AD Nursing Faculty
Phone: 218-855-8150
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Jennifer Brose

Assistant Director TRIO Upward Bound
Phone: 218-855-8005
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Eric Budrow

Customized Training Rep
Phone: 218-855-8243

Emily Buer

Raider Connect Coach
Phone: 218-855-8017

Andrea Carlson

Instructional Technology Coordinator
Phone: 218-855-8097

Joshua Carter

Welding Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8294

Jessie Cash

Research Analyst
Phone: 218-855-8261

Georgina Cavin

Business Management Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8087

Hara Charlier

Phone: 218-855-8053
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Jennifer Chock

Nursing CLA/ Working title Skills Lab Coordinator
Phone: 218-855-8150
kari christiansen

Kari Christiansen

VP of Administrative Services
Phone: 218-855-8060
nate converse

Nathan Converse

FBM Instructor
Phone: 218-296-1272
brenda cooper

Brenda Cooper

General Maintenance Worker
Phone: 218-855-8232
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Nathan Coyer

General Repair Worker
Phone: 218-821-5805
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Jillian Cyann

Grant Accounting Officer
Phone: 218-855-8004
leon dahlvang

Leon Dahlvang

Graphic Design Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8157
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Becky Davis

Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 218-855-8020
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Cindy Davis

General Maintenance Worker
Phone: 218-270-0150

Dave Davis

Criminal Justice Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8116

Gae Davis

Criminal Justice Coordinator
Phone: 218-855-8264
ryan deblock

Ryan Deblock

English Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8206
Natalia DePauw

Natalia DePauw

Academic Advisor
Phone: 218-855-8036
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Cory Detloff

Director of Ag & Energy/Farm Business Management
Phone: 218-894-5134
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