5.27.1 Camera Use Procedure

5.27.1 Camera Use Procedure

Part 1. Purpose 

The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines for Security relative to the use of Central Lakes College video system in public areas for the purpose of campus safety and security.  Security will utilize overt surveillance system cameras to monitor and record public areas to help ensure the safety and security of the campus community.   


Part 2.  Parameters of Use 

  1.  The use of Surveillance System cameras shall be limited to campus safety and security purposes, including but not limited to: 
  1. Property and building protection. 
  1. Crime prevention and deterrence. 
  1. Alarm verification. 
  1. Video patrol of public areas. 
  1. Criminal investigation. 
  1. Identifying suspects. 
  1. Gathering evidence. 
  1. Monitoring of access control systems. 


  1. The use of Surveillance System cameras shall not be used for: 
  1. Racial Profiling. 
  1. Looking into buildings, private office spaces, restrooms facilities, locker rooms, or other areas where there is an expectation of privacy, except for legitimate campus safety and security purposes, such as criminal investigations. 
  1. Access for reasons other than those described in the Policy and Procedure.  


Part 3.  Responsibility 

  1. The Security Coordinator or student security officer on duty shall be immediately notified whenever any suspicious, criminal, or life threatening activity is observed through the monitoring of Surveillance System cameras. 


  1. If the investigation initiated by the monitoring of the Surveillance System leads to a Case Report, the officer on duty will include a statement in their report depicting what was observed through the Surveillance System cameras.  Video of the events shall be exported and archived electronically.    Archived video images will be available for up to 1 year, unless there has been a request by law enforcement or General Counsel to hold it for an extended period of time.   
  1. All surveillance access to recorded images will be logged and maintained by the Security Coordinator. 


Part 4.  Management, Review, and Dissemination of Information  

Video surveillance images may constitute private data under applicable privacy laws including, but not limited to, education records under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The release of any images must be consistent with applicable privacy laws.   




 Part 5. Property Loss/Damage 

Police request or Surveillance Video Review Request form is required to grant access or to provide recording. This is handled by the Security Coordinator. 


Part 6. Student and Employee Investigations 

Access to videos is limited to Security Coordinator, the Chief Human Resource Officer, Dean of Students, Equity and Inclusion or designee.    


Part 7.  Sexual Violence  

Access to videos is limited to the Title IX coordinator or designees. 

  1. Video surveillance images shall not be released to individuals or departments outside of Central Lakes College Security Department except: 
  1. To Law Enforcement Agencies for a law enforcement purpose after taking a report of a crime or suspicious circumstance on campus with Central Lakes College Security.  A release under this exception shall be documented in a corresponding Case Report and shall not include private data of a student or employee unless authorized by law.   
  2. As approved by the Security Coordinator after consultation with system legal counsel.  


  1. No one will be allowed access to digital recordings unless approved by the Security Coordinator, using the Surveillance Review Request Form. 


Part 8.  Equipment Maintenance 

  1. Under no circumstances shall anyone, except professional trained technicians, the Security Coordinator, or qualified members of the Information and Technology Services department, attempt to service, repair, or tamper with any of the video surveillance equipment. 


  1. If any individual camera fails, Security shall notify the Information Technology Service desk by phone, email or work order.  


  1.  If all Surveillance System video is inaccessible (appears offline, or is not able to connect), this is likely an indication of server access problems.  Do the following:  
  1. During business hours: notify Information and Technology Services.       
  1. After business hours: wait 30 minutes to see if the problem resolves itself.  If the problem does not resolve, notify the Security Coordinator. 


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Video Review Request Form 

Use this form to request a review of campus surveillance video footage. If preferred, the form can be printed out, emailed to JoyLarson@clcmn.edu  or delivered to Central Lakes College Security Department. 


Your Request will then be reviewed and you will be notified of disposition of your request. 


Full Name: _______________________________________________________________________ 




Address2: ________________________________________________________________________ 


City: ____________________________________   State: ____________   Zip: _________________ 


Daytime Phone: ___________________________________________________________________ 


Email: ___________________________________________________________________________ 


Date of Request: (mm/dd/yy) ________________________________________________________ 



Incident Information 


Incident Date (mm/dd/yy): ________________________   Incident Time: _____________   AM PM 


Incident Location: _________________________________________________________________ 


This section is for the date and time the incident occurred. Be as specific as possible. Incorrect or insufficient information causes extensive research resulting in a significant delay in processing your request. 


Time Range to be Viewed/Copied: ___________________________________________________ 

(This is for the time range you are requesting to be recorded, i.e., 3:00 p.m. till 3:25 p.m.) 


Detailed Description of Event/Crime to be Viewed: 








This is to be filled in with what crime occurred, i.e., assault, domestic violence, theft complaint. 



Additional Information: 






This would include make, model and color of vehicle or item lost or stolen. Any identifying information helpful in viewing the incident. List any witnesses and their contact information. 



____________________________________________                   ___________________________
Signature of Requestor                                                                          Date of Request 




Date of policy creation: April 11, 2018 

Author(s):   Joy Larson, Security and Emergency Management Coordinator;  



Date of implementation: _____5/3/2018_____________ 




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