5.12.4 Refund of Tuition and Fees

5.12.4  Refund of Tuition and Fees Procedure


Part 1. Purpose  

To outline the circumstances and parameters by which tuition and fees can be refunded.   


Part 2. Refunds  

Subpart A. Refunds for dropped classes  

Students may attend one class session for each registered for-credit course without obligation.  Students are financially obligated for any classes dropped after the fifth day of the term, or one business day after the first class session, whichever is later. For the purposes of this procedure, business days are defined as Monday through Friday (excluding Central Lakes College identified holidays).  


For courses less than three weeks in length, Central Lakes College shall establish the no obligation drop and refund period as not more than one business day after the first class session for each for-credit course.  


Subpart B. Refunds for withdrawals  

Upon expiration of the no-obligation period defined in Subpart A, Central Lakes College shall refund tuition and fees for students who totally withdraw from for-credit courses in accordance with the following schedule:  


  1. Fall and Spring Academic Terms  
  1. 1st through 5th business day of term – 100 percent refund  
  1. 6th through 10th business day of term – 75 percent refund  
  1. 11th through 15th business day of term – 50 percent refund  
  1. 16th through 20th business day of term – 25 percent refund  
  1. After 20th business day of term – 0 percent  


  1. Summer sessions and other terms at least 3 weeks but less than 10 weeks in length  
  1. 1st through 5th business day of term – 100 percent refund  
  1. 6th through 10th business day of term – 50 percent refund  
  1. After the 10th  business day of term – 0 percent  


  1. Class term less than three weeks in length  
  1. 1st business day of term – 100 percent refund  
  1. 2nd and 3rd business day of term – 50 percent  
  1. After the 3rd business day of term – 0 percent  


Subpart C. Refund method  

Where tuition and fees were paid through use of a credit card or debit card and a refund has been approved in accordance with the requirements outlined in Subpart B of this procedure, the refund must be processed using the original credit card or debit card account, and the same processor and merchant agreement as used for the original transaction.  


Refunds of tuition and fee payments made by check or cash must be made by direct deposit, check, or external payment provider.  


Subpart D. Appeals for Tuition and Fee Refund 

After the refund period has expired, a refund of all or part of the tuition paid may be given under certain circumstances.  Students may apply for an Administrative Refund for the following reasons only: 

  • Medical Reasons:  injury or illness that requires a prolonged absence.  A doctor’s statement, on physician’s letterhead, is required and must declare that the medical condition impairs the student’s ability to attend or complete classes. 
  • Significant Personal Circumstances defined as a life event beyond the student’s control that can be corroborated by an independent professional, such as a social worker, lawyer or law enforcement agent. 
  • Military duty (letter of assignment or notice of re-call is required). 
  • Death in the immediate family (that can be documented). 

Financial aid is based on the number of registered and paid credits.  If an Administrative Refund is approved, a student’s financial aid may be reduced, which would require the student to repay a portion of his/her financial aid. Students need to contact the Financial Aid office before applying for a tuition refund to determine if their aid package will be impacted. 


If an Administrative Refund is granted, classes are dropped, no grades are awarded and the student’s transcript is not impacted.  Appeal forms are available from the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office.   

  • Forms must be completed and signed by the student.   
  • Appeals must be made within ninety calendar days of the end of the semester for which the debt was incurred.  Appeals will not be considered for debt greater than ninety days old. 

A committee reviews all Administrative Refund Appeals. 




Date of policy creation: April 26, 2017 

Author(s):   Christina Anderson, Director of Business & Auxiliary Services 



Date of implementation: May 01, 2017 







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